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Aberdeen PGDE Secondary

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by dunys7, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Alright,
    I recently had my interview for PGDE Biology, so its just waiting game for me now....
  2. Hope you find out soon :) the waiting is actually worse than the interview!!! when was your interview?

    Ceitidh, I've sent you a message :)
  3. Cheers.... I only had the interview last week, so I'll probably not hear until April at the earliest! How long did you have to wait for?? I'll be as patient as I can....
  4. emmm i think it was about 10 days or so. I was surprised how quickly it was actually, especially going by last years thread on here where people where waiting weeks and weeks for Aberdeen to get back to them. How do you think it went anyways? Did you have to choose a topic from the four and present it etc?
  5. Not yet! Hopefully won't be too long. When did you have your interview ?
  6. My interview was on the 18th March. I got an email from the university on Monday, saying that they will be putting the results through to GTTR throughout this week. So lets hope you hear very soon!
  7. Yeah, aberdeen is really expensive, especially a one bedroom flat, although you might be lucky to get a £450-500 flat in a nicer part of Torry near the city centre. It might be worth considering a 2 bedroom flat anywhere around the city centre but sharing with someone, and paying around £350 each. Where are you based just now?
    Nothing was mentioned about doing two subjects as a dual course on the portal for me...I've emailed the uni about it so hopefully they will reply with an answer.
  8. I'm from Dundee so i think it is commutable but would like to move out of parents house for a bit of independence. Girlfriend and i are hopefully going to move up. She has applied for dentistry at Aberdeen and is on the waiting list so have to wait until June and by that time all the "good" flats might be gone. Definitely won't be living in halls though...

    Nah it wasn't mentioned on the portal for me either i had to email them via the portal to ask and confirm. Even now it has been confirmed the uni said that the way the system works, it only allows one subject on your portal. Speaking to a few who did the PGDE last year, the university encourage dual qualification so if you get the sufficient credits you should be fine.

    ps sorry for the long paragraph but i dont know how to space it out into two, enter doesn't seem to do it lol!!!!!
  9. Thats cool, I'm a fellow dundonian as well! Although I've been working in Aberdeen for a couple of years since leaving uni. You're right about not going into halls, they are really expensive for a start... and it makes sense renting a private flat if your girlfriend is joining you too. You could try looking up Gumtree, but there are a lot of flats through the property agents and you probably still get a really decent place in a decent part of Aberdeen.
    As with the dualing, I got a reply back so I need to send in my degree transcript and hopefully get into do top up courses before august if I fall short of credit points for Chemistry. Apart from that, I can't wait to get started, all the PGDE-ers should go out for a few drinks before the course starts!..
  10. Im sorry to hear that :(
    You're right, there is always next year but I feel your pain, I was unsuccessful last year. You thought about training down south?
  11. I just found out I got an unconditional offer for French. I had my interview on Tuesday and got the offer on Friday, I wasn't expecting it that early. Anyway, I'm really excited. I think I haven't realised yet :)
  12. I went to Aberdeen all the way from France, so I understand how you feel. There's no way I would have not accepted the offer. But if you are set on doing Primary, I can also understand why you're wondering whether you should do it or not. Is it possible for you to do Secondary now and maybe Primary later?
  13. Is anyone going to move into halls? Many people have said it's better to find a place near the centre for travelling to placements, but I think I'd like to move into halls anyway. I think it'll be easier for moving since I've got quite the journey ahead of me and I've heard it's really great for meeting people too. I just want to know I'm not alone and I'll meet fellow student teachers :)
  14. Hey, well done. I'm doing maths. I looked at the unite properties, but they seem a bit pricey and I'm unsure if I'll be able to get a part time job so I was thinking of the Hillhead Student Village. It doesn't cost as much and it looks pretty. I also read in another post somewhere that there is a place in Hillhead reserved for PGDE students but that post was from a couple of years ago so I don't know if that is still the case.
  15. Hi guys
    I'm in same boat regarding dual subjects - got in to do Geography and mentioned at interview I may be able to do Modern Studies as well. I was hoping to find this out before the summer...
  16. Guys, has anyone received their welcome pack yet?
  17. Got my Joining Instructions today, anyone else?
  18. Haven't got anything yet. I'm abroad so it might take longer. I'm glad you got it though, it means it's somewhere on its way. Thanks for letting us know!
  19. Just received my welcome letter today with a timetable of registration week and e-registration instructions.
  20. Hi everyone

    The 2011/2012 weekly timetable and yearly planner have also now been published on the Aberdeen uni website, though they are much the same as last year and don't detail timetable for each secondary subject. Still, nice to know when our placements will be etc!

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