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Aberdeen PGDE Drama interview

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by muttleys_nutts, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    Wondering if anyone can help! A friend of mine has just heard that she will be getting an interview at Aberdeen this year, and is desperately keen to be well prepared. Can anyone give us an idea of the format of the interview and a rough idea of the questions to be asked? Any info would be very gratefully received[​IMG]...
    Many thanks in advance, MN
  2. hi,
    i saw on here a few weeks ago another student that had an interview and she posted the questions she had been asked, they were
    why do you want to be a teacher
    what skills do teachers need and what do you need to improve on
    what challenges did you face in your work exp (they drew on what i wrote in my P.S)
    How did you prepare for your presentation
    What other topics interested you
    Did you think any of the other videos where different from the way things were when you were in school-
    What role will you play on the pgde course (i didnt really get this question it was the last question so maybe important)
    what are your strengths
    give an example of teamwork and how you dealt with the team
    what challenges does a student teacher on the pgde course face

    i have my interview for maths tomorrow so i will let you know what i am asked! good luck to your friend
  3. Many thanks for that, I'd tried a search but drawn a blank!!

  4. Hi im just wondering when your interviews are.
    Ive applied for Aberdee PGDE Religious Education but it stil says they are considering my application. I hope to hear soon.
    What have you guys been asked to prepare for the Interview?

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