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Aberdeen Interviews

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by catrionat, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone. I managed to get an interview at Aberdeen for the PGDE Primary. What is everyone doing for their presentation? What is everyone preparing? I thought I'd sign up to this forum and see what everyone is saying! Does anyone know the situation for PGDE places this year at Scottish Uni's? Thanks!
  2. Hi catrionat :)

    I managed to get an interview as well for the 13th nxt thurs :) i was quite shocked i got it but im looking forward to it...
    Im not really v prepared at the mo but im planning on just looking at the current issues in education and just preparing the basic questions such as why u want to teach what makes a good teacher etc.
    My degree is in hotel management so its not relevent at all and im coming from Ireland so im bit nervous if they ask questions about the curriculum and stuff cos its totally different ..
    From what ive read on different threads it seems that they interview roughly 100 people and have 50 places i dnt know if thats true though ..
  3. Mines on Thurs too.

    I have decided to do the last video but I am really struggling with it. What is everyone else thinking?
  4. what time was ur interview at?? how do ya think it went??

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