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Abacus Evolve

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by ChrisMcG, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. our school is considering buying Abacus Evolve scheme. Anyone using it in reception and would you recommend it?
  2. our school is considering buying Abacus Evolve scheme. Anyone using it in reception and would you recommend it?
  3. We bought it last year and I don't like it - didn't use half of it so ended up being a waste of money. Just found the activities (whilst they had some good ideas) didn;t lend themselves to what we were doing in class and some of them were quite boring.
    Just my opinion though, I know other people who have used and it and really liked it.
  4. OK thanks for reply. I dont feel too impressed with inspection copy.
  5. We have started using it this year, I was quite negative in my thoughts about a Numeracy scheme in Foundation but since using it I have mixed thoughts about it.
    It would be better as a total scheme for literacy as well but then is this following children's interests. We follow our long term/medium terms plans and might be doing space as a topic, but the weeks abacus is dinosaurs, but we could rejig our topics. Otherwise we can follow the space weeks but they might be too far on in the year and we missed earlier skills.
    There is too much in a week for me to cover but it is useful for ideas. The planning is good because it is easily adapted on line making my planning simpler. It gives you a focus in numeracy and makes sure you cover all areas.
    Many of the activities are quite easy, my class are overall not that advanced and find most things easy. The more able children are way above the core activities and need extension work.
    I'm afraid my class find the IWB activities rather tedious and boring, they are used to sound and action like espresso activities. Most of the other non IWB activities are useful when you do them with a fun approach.
    Overall I am not sure I would personally buy it, but with some adaption, picking and choosing it is a useful outline to base planning on and does make my Numeracy planning simpler. I am also using some Numicon alongside it.
  6. Miss Piggywig

    Miss Piggywig New commenter

    We looked at it and KS2 bought it but we thought that it didn't lend it's self to following the children's interests or our topic's. It seemed very expensive for the bits we would use.
  7. thanks all for replies. I will take your views together with my feelings back to the SMT. Thanks again.
  8. Ou whole school has bought into this, I pick and choose from the bits I feel are relevant in Foundation as it is far to prescribed and some of the activities have a very dubious link to the theme. It can be a useful starting point.
  9. Is there a difference between Abacus Evolve and the abacus FS planning on the hamilton trust website? Does anyone use these plans?
  10. We use Boo Zoo and the children love it produced by the story sac inventor Neil Griffiths

    Hope this helps


  11. Tell me more....[​IMG]

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