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aargh going back to school next week and....

Discussion in 'Primary' started by coffeecakes, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. coffeecakes

    coffeecakes New commenter

    What if I've forgotten how to do it?
  2. dagnabit

    dagnabit New commenter

    I don't think I'll ever be able to do it so don't worry. [​IMG]
  3. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    I thought this.... I thought what if i get in front of the class and realise that I have no idea what i'm meant to be doing. This hasn't happened yet in 4 years though......
  4. I'm an NQT and certainly expect to be 'discovered' as some form of teaching fraudster this week! I can't be fully qualified, surely!
  5. The kids go back Monday, and after 14 years I still feel like this when going back for a new year.
  6. bonnie1

    bonnie1 Senior commenter

    I'm going into Year 1 after years teaching Years 3/4 - help
  7. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    We go back next week and I have year 2, after 15 years of having year 5 or above. I am worried that, having begged my HT for over a year to let me move to infants, I won't actually be able to do it!
  8. I feel the same! I panic that I won't be able to control them, that it'll all go horribly wrong, and after 4 years they'll realise I actually still have no clue what I'm doing!
  9. Twinkles

    Twinkles New commenter

    Great to know I'm not the only one! First time ever in Y4/5/6 after 7 years in YR/1/2 or separate Y1 or Y2 classes......and I'm terrified.
  10. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I'm going into Year 6 after a few years and training in Year 4... Feel like an NQT all over again!
  11. beethan31

    beethan31 New commenter

    Lots of us moving. I'm starting in Y3/4 after 5 years in KS1/Foundation! Excited but also quite scared. They'll be quicker at doing things won't they (hopefully!) and what if I haven't got enough for them to do?!! What if they ask me a MATHS question!! [​IMG]
  12. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Just say, "The best way to remember the answer is to find it out for yourself"! [​IMG]

  13. aw27

    aw27 New commenter

    So glad to read this - gone from primary to 16-18 and feeling the same: 'do i know what I'm doing????
    we'll all be fine :)
  14. rach1968

    rach1968 New commenter

    I too feel a little sick and wonder if I'll still be able to teach!! I'm back in Year 4, which I enjoy though. Sillow, I went into Year 6 last year for the first time (3rd year of teaching) and was terrified - quite a few tears at the beginning of the year when I realised how far they still had to go before the end of the year - but I absolutely loved it!! Fantastic kids and year group - wish I was there again this year but we do a rolling programme where we take kids from Year 5 to 6 so that we have a head start on things, makes it easier. Very, very busy year but you will love it, I'm sure.x
  15. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Thank you for the confidence boost, Rach!
  16. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    I am starting a temporary post, in a prefab building, teachinng Year 6 in a closing school, which also happens to still be an absolute building site. Bricking it!


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