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AAARgh Planning nightmare!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sleepyclaire, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Help - I've just returned to full time class teaching after doing part time PPA cover for the past four years. I have a year 2 class which I am really enjoying.
    However the school has just been made a 'challenge' school for it's below average attainment figures and as such we are having to jump through so many hoops I'm dizzy.
    We are having weekly unannounced drop in sessions in numeracy and literacy as well as being observed in SEN provision, science and generic curriculum areas.
    I (and most of my colleagues) am having a crisis of confidence. My lessons so far are being judged as mostly good (the odd wobble) or outstanding but I find I am spending up to four hours per night (7-11pm) planning, after the kids have gone to bed. There are no previous plans for me to look at for my year group (incidentally I haven't taught Year 2 before)
    Does anyone know of a outline process or handy tips in keeping the whole planning thing short. I'm not sure I can keep up the pace!!
  2. I know how you feel - I recently went back full time and am finding the whole being a mummy to two and a teacher to 30 quite daunting. You're obviously doing well if your lessons are good to outstanding and, while you shouldn't be complacent, then you should at least acknowledge that you're on the right track. Is there a chance that the pressure will drop for you while SMT focus on staff who are not doing so well?
    I've started from scratch this year too (although I taught some of it many moons ago, back in the good old days etc etc). I just try to make sure that I'm in early enough to get sorted for the day so I'm not caught on the hop, and then I try to leave early enough to cook a nice dinner, get a bit of washing done and think about the next day. I've realised that as long as I really think about the WALT and WILF, then everything else slots into place. I like to plan and enjoy getting my ideas on paper but I also like to be really flexible, which doesn't fit well with observations so I ensure that I'm clear about my objectives so I can justify any changes to my plans if someone pops in.
    The best advice I can give you is to be confident and fight your corner. And make time for a few cuddles with your own children - after all, they're far more important!

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