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Aaaagh! Flippin schools!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by SupplyDevil, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. I went to a school today for the first time. Behaviour was atrocious - sever SEN, screaming, a child storming out of class repeatedly, kicking a chair around the classroom, others deciding that they were not going to do a single thing I said...

    I called for the HT, who was very supportive. Then when I checked the timetable, a specialist teacher was down to cover the afternoon. I checked that this was definitely happening, and then enquired as to whether I was needed for the afternoon.

    Just got home and had a voicemail from my agency saying they dont want me back as I didnt cope well this morning and asked to go home at lunchtime - ***??
    I know I shouldnt let it bother me, and truth be told Im glad I wont be going back, but right now I'm fuming! I think some schools, never mind a supply teacher, want a psychic super hero!

    Right, rant over. Just GGGGGrrrrrrrr!
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    We've all been there. How many a supply teacher is mis-interpreted! One can;t do right for doing wrong!
  3. So was it an EBD school or an SEN group or somethng. What was the age group.
    Also just saying 'Did not cope', by voicemail is a little unfair.Other things are what was the work left like, was it sensible for the teaching group.
    If it was a small group, the first task has to be absolutely simple, and needs to be communicated very quickly. No long lectures or speeches.
    After zillions of supply bookings in some very difficult schools I was 'sent to the staffroom', once, the reason was shouting. I rarely shout however, and never raise my voice anymore.
    However I was sent into a secondary afternoon double, the classroom was a tip, the work left was awful and I got through the first of the double. I knew I was not going to carry this one through. there was no whiteboard to communicate, only an electronic which was not connected to a PC not that they gave me the log in codes.
    I did not have a chance in hell, there were trays of dry felts and coloured pencils all over the show. I tried to hide them on arrival. However in this case the school had not played square and I phoned the agency to tell them my view before the school did. I asked the smt if they were going to phone the agency. They said they were, so I said so will I and say my point of view. Or I can tell the agency not to send me again so save trouble on both sides.
    Agency were ok about things (I have a good record with them) and the school never phoned.
  4. My latest contribution to the 'never hear' thread is true. A kid loaded **** and it was put down to "a malign influence." I'm just pleased I didn't get nailed up on a cross like the poor s*d in the hall. I think he must have been the last supply teacher.
  5. No, sadly it was not a SEN/EBD school, or a SEN group. It was an ordinary junior school class, which just happened to contain several severe SEN (no support either). Bottom line was their teacher has hardly been in this academic year, and I was the 10th supply teacher of this year (ie 2011).

    Hey ho. I suppose you have to experience the **** to appreciate the good... or something like that!
  6. The criticism against you was unfair, false and completely unjustified.
    The headteacher and other staff at the school seem most incompetent. Do not listen to the pak oif lies levelled at you! They are the incompetent ones in complete denial!
    The HT seems most incompetent.
  7. If the agency were ok with you , it was probably they who'd sent the previous 9 supplies.
    Shame they didn't warn you-but then you wouldn't have gone and they wouldn't have got their commission.
    School needs to sort itself out before someone gets hurt-or sued.
  8. Hi supplydevil i think your problem here was calling the headteacher. They dont like it when you call them to dicipline a class for you.In future if you find you cant control the class your best option is another teacher or head od department.
  9. Not sure if you're familiar with Primary supply Former_supplyteacher but calling the head in that situation is just about the only thing you can do in a small primary school where all the other teachers are actually teaching and there is no head of year!

    Supplydevil, I feel your pain. I had a very similar time on monday but unfortunately it was a whole day, not just a morning. As it was a private booking (not through an agency) I don't have anyone to talk to about the day but I've already told myself I'm not taking any more bookings from the school- not that they'll be phoning me again after the c r a p job I made of their year 6 class!!!!
  10. Thanks for the messages - good to know (not in a horrible way!) that others have had similar.

    Former supply might have a point about calling the headteacher. I felt I had no choice but to do that as there was such poor behaviour that never mind not being able to teach, I did not have order and therefore could not guarantee the safety of the pupils. However it would seem that calling the head was frowned upon.

    The poster who made the point about it being my agency that sent the previous teachers in - you are probably right, as they have still given me work for next week and told me not to worry about it.

    It is just another school to add to my list of places not to apply to! [​IMG]
  11. Aw supplydevil its horrible I know, some schools are terrible and give agencies feedback, to make themselves look better, despite not providing you with the correct support/and/or if they are embarrassed about a situation.

    I had an awful situation when I first started doing supply back in September, I agreed to do a days work at a local school through one agency and called other agency to update them on my availability, told them which school I was working for. As it turned out my consultant from the other agency (not the one I was working for) had phoned the head of school I was working for to put forward their agencies case for supply teachers, consultant told me to mention that I was under other agency and that she said hello (at this time I was new to the game and very naive).

    At this point I should mention, it was second week of autumn term and I was teaching nursery. When I got there Monday morning there was no planning, no headteacher! Dep head explained, and obviously I knew children were going to be unsettled with a new face, and obviously, not being used to school itself, so just to let TA deal with morning carpet and ease my way into the day, just letting children access CP, as obviously they were not going to be ready to do focussed activities (this is standard EY practice IMO sharing roles with TA anyway sometimes!!) 2 minutes before school began, HT came to see me, and I casually dropped into conversation, I spoke to consultant about their previous conversation, I thought it would be an ice breaker!!!

    At a later point in the morning, when I had chn on the carpet after snack, and again at storytime (pm) HT came to see me, both times giving me a thumbs up. At hometime, she came to help me, because obviously I didn't know parents etc, she said that CT would be back the next day and that I wasn't needed, which was fair enough (I later discovered CT I was covering for used to teach me when I was a naughty school girl, I have improved, and matured into an ADULT)

    Anyways I didn't think anything of this, until a few weeks later I received a phone call from the agency who had placed me with the school. It wasn't even the consultant I normally deal with, but another woman, who had apparently been to visit HT that day (I don't know if she said it was a courtesy visit, do agents do this?) Anyway, the school informed the lady that, I was useless, not proactive and also that I had NO CLASSROOM CONTROL. I was also informed that the school would never want me back Grrrrr, I was fuming, and told the agency that this was not the feedback I received on the day, and to give school this feedback on my behalf. Whether they did I do not know.

    Anyway, the point of this looooooong post is that, in some cases schools don't cut Supply Teachers a lot of slack, and it can be very one sided. Don't let it put you off, I've been back to at least half a dozen schools who love me, and one HT has asked me to do mat cover because I stood out from 10 other supplys she had in the week I covered!!

    Good luck supplydevil, don't let this one bad experience put you off!

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