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A2 WJEC Spanish externals Mon/Tues - Help!?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by Kumquat, May 14, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    My students are going crazy over our WJEC A2 Orals monday & tues of next week. It's with an external examiner, who we think is English.

    Do you have any feedback or help you can give me to ease their nerves (As well as mine)?!

    We have a range of exposé, with the majority doing Andalucia and the film Pan's Labyrinth.

    What sort of questions can the externals ask? Can my students tell them what they want? E.G Exposé on characters in pan's labyrinth, then at the end say "Ahora quisiera hablar del Capitán Vidal y su comportamiento el largometraje, por favor" for example?

    If they said this, would the external remark with something like "No, quiero hablar de Mercedes y su papel en el filme"..??

    Thank you
  2. I don´t know about the Spanish one, but last year I actually took the As and A2 German exams with WJEC. The lady was very nice. She adapted the conversation questions for the AS to my circumstances, as I am not obviously 17, nor still in college. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    When I did my exposé for A2 I kind of got myself into a hole, I think I talked too much, and she did signal to make me stop so she could ask questions. She didn´t really ask too in depth questions, I felt that she wanted to get me talking rather than check if I had really seen the movie. She asked thing about how the characters fell because the dad left them, and then linked questions to things I said. It felt like a conversation than a test about a movie. So as long as they are able to express their opinion, they don´t have to remember exactly every single moment of the movie or the book. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    For my exposé I talked about a movie, I told the story and I think that was about it. It was a Good bye Lenin, so I explained about the fall of the Berlin wall, etc.
  3. Mine did the French last week. The examinor was very nice! She came in lesson to talk to them during about 30mn, both in English and French to let them get used to her accent. She reminded them the topics they could have for the text study, depending on how much they said about the text, she might not need to ask any other question. they could choose between two topics before they would see te text. She said, they then do their exposé (they choose their exposé, and their question title was submitted to the board before) fully before she asks any question.
    Students said that they were not so much in depth questions, but more conversation ones (and that I had been really evil with them :D)
    She also insisted on the fact that they were marking in a positive way, rather than negative!! She also said that if they had a blank, they could ask for a word.
    I did a mock with them the day before, and on the day, we spent 2 hours revising their exposé, pronounciation and firring unprepared tricky questions on the topics. I also reminded them that on the extra questions they might get, what counts is the language, and they cannot be really penalised for not saying what the examinor wants to hear. The best was that they all came out the exam feeling they had done well/very well, so she was definitly brilliant at calming everybody down!

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