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A2 speaking results

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by rosaespanola, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. rosaespanola

    rosaespanola New commenter

    Well, this seems to be the first A level related post of the day - just wondering how other people's A level results are looking. I only had one A2 student this year and I'm totally gutted for her. She was aiming for a B and was going to do French at uni, but she's come out with a D overall - E on the paper and only 1 mark into a C on the speaking. I'm astounded by the speaking mark, I don't see how they can possibly justify saying it's only just a C. It was so good, if that's nearly a D then I don't think I'd be capable of getting an A myself! All I can think is that yet again the exam board has been unable to tell the difference between a candidate who had learnt their speaking by heart and a candidate who is genuinely good at speaking French. Also baffled as to how she's only got an E on the paper when I'd have expected the worst case scenario to be a C. I've requested a remark but I don't know how hopeful to be.
    How are everyone else's results looking?
  2. Hi Rosaespanola, I was similarly surprised with my only candidate's speaking result in A2 Spanish although the overall grade was an A. The AS Spanish speaking results were good however, in line with my predictions. Unfortunately I can't say the same about the AS Unit 1 paper where once again the essay question caused us problems with the content band. Our best candidates only achieved "good" our weakest were in "limited".

  3. My Apanish results (Edexcel) are looking about right at A2, but are dreadful at AS. Worst results ever [​IMG] Some of them are sort of expected, but still you hope that students will give an extra push in revision time...
    It is worth checking what was marked down in the oral. A couple of years ago one of our candidates was marked down because he could answer everything incredibly well - so well that it sounded as if he had been given the questions in advance. Learnt my lesson, and now interrupt them if they give answers which sound pre-learnt.
  4. rosaespanola

    rosaespanola New commenter

    I've requested a re-mark from AQA and hopefully they should also give some justification of why they gave the mark they did - it's particularly annoying because we've had the same issues as you before so I was doubly careful about making sure my questions followed up on things she'd already said and didn't sound as though she'd learnt it all in advance. She sounded extremely natural, made a few minor mistakes as you'd expect at this level and got in lots of opinions and development of information - I really am at a loss to know what they expect, if what she did was barely even a C. I'm totally disillusioned with the exam boards, I really am. I feel like we might as well just not bother doing languages A levels any more.
  5. [​IMG] have one of these. Keep going, we can only do our best.
  6. rosaespanola

    rosaespanola New commenter

    It's just completely mad. GCSEs seem to be rewarding the pupils who are best at memorising a page of writing for their CA, then pupils are being penalised for pre-learning A level speaking when actually they're just good at it! I wonder where pupils are meant to develop this amazing ability to speak spontaneously, since it's obviously not at GCSE level!
  7. Just heard from my A2 student who is going for a remark on the speaking. I am a little nervous because I have had an experience in the past, where the remark went down! I don't want her to lose the overall A but she is adamant she is going for a remark.

  8. claudette_marsaud

    claudette_marsaud New commenter

    How far is she from the grade boundary? It would be worth highlighting this risk if you haven't already done so.
    Our WJEC speaking test results (teacher conducted but externally marked) are as good as ever at AS (all As and Bs). I'm not convinced about the A2 orals though - but these are externally conducted so it is difficult to ascertain how off the mark they are. They seem to have awarded the full range of marks, which suggests they are fair(ish).
    I am concerned about the harsh marking of the essay - and have been looking carefully at the overall UMS scores of one or two candidates whose essays in particular I would like to have re-marked. I am making sure I only select those who I would have expected to do much better, but who are very close to the higher grade boundary.

  9. Very well said, Rosaespanola! BTW Claudette I appreciate your nick - takes one back to happier times. Might change mine to Monsieur Lafayette!
  10. gsglover

    gsglover Occasional commenter

    all our speaking results at A2 are as expected but of course there may be blips in the marking
  11. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    French and Spanish speaking at A2 shocking! German ok. French unit 1 quite bad too, though haven't looked at the details as website has been down (for the second year in a row).
  12. It is worth looking at the name of the examiner and seeing whether you have had this person before and see if he/she has been unfair in the past. We are with OCR and I am the teacher examiner. I have records going back 12 years concerning the comments from both As/A2 orals. Whereas it appears I am the best thing since sliced bread at AS and our candidates do extremely well and the mark allocation is fair, at A2 it is a different story and I feel that I am unfairly criticised and that our students never receive the marks they deserve.

    There is one name that has cropped up now 4 times and I am now going to refuse to have this person again as I am fed up with the situation. Please can someone tell me how a candidate who can score full raw marks at AS be so appalling at A2 that they go down to a D???

    If anyone out there who does OCR can contact me on my email address of: j.whyte2@btinternet.com and let me know the name of their OCR A2 examiner it would be interesting to compare notes.

    As I have 2 years to go before I retire, I am not now going to change the Board as it seems to me the situation crosses all Boards and I have not much energy left to fight!
  13. After many years I am convinced of one thing - there are markers out there who haven't a clue and interpret excellent language as pre-learnt, especially in the orals. Nobody on these forums has mentioned external interference; of course, that wouldn't happen would it?
  14. rosaespanola

    rosaespanola New commenter

    What do you mean by "external interference"?
  15. How did you get on with this last year Rosa? The EXACT same thing has happened to my pupil this year. I believe the oral deserved a high C at the very worst but achieved a D and on the writing she got an E though I predicted her a C! I am going to appeal for definite.
  16. Mary Jane, when you say significantly higher, how many raw points are you talking about? I would say 8 is the MINIMUM I would expect my students marks to go up. Thank you!
  17. Me too, 1 UMS off a B overall.

    Oops, that was in reply to maryjane.

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