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A2 Physics

Discussion in 'Science' started by Prof Honeydew, May 23, 2011.

  1. I am about to teach A2 physics for the first time (I am a chemist by training) and I am looking for a suitable text book to prepare me for this. I do not want a A level text but something like an accessible undergraduate text.
  2. Advanced physics for you and calculations in a-level physics
  3. I have taught GCSE (AQA additional science) and AQA Physics A AS for the first time this year.I am still making up my mind about the options although Medical Physics is favourite at the moment. I have a copy of Duncan and was looking for something a little more advanceed.

  4. I would support a previous poster's advice to you to get 'Advanced Physics for You'. However, I teach A2 AQA and the book does not cover all that is needed (the derivation of the molecular level gas equationsfor example).I woudl also suggest 'Understanding Physics for Advanced Level' by Jim Breithaupt. It does not matter if it is second hand. The book covers more than you will need, includes qs & numerical answers.The medical physics in it matches part of the AQA spec. If you start going for the University text books, you will need one book per topic & may get too bogged down in levels of info you don't need.
    I taught Medical Physcis for the first time this year - our school (different teacher) used to do the Astro option. Beware, there is only one text book for Med Phys (Collins) - it covers AQA Unit 5 & all options - I fear it may be a little light on the Med Phys content. Time will tell.
    I ended up buying 3 (out of print) second hand books that covered most of what I needed & cobbled notes & questions together from friendly colleagues in the Biology dept, the Internet & other sources. The AQA Med Phys 'on-line book' has errors in it & costs a fortune to print out (in colour so you can use the diagrams), bind & distribute to pupils. In addition, it has no page numbers so is not easy to use in class!
    If you do decide on Med Phys the 3 authors I found useful were: Muncaster, Hollins & Pope.
  5. not an easy read but hugely usefull for when the going gets tough is " A level Physics" by Roger Muncaster.
    Its very old school but goes into great depth mathematically
  6. a level physics tom duncan is also good, I agree with the previous poster
  7. groovybob

    groovybob New commenter

    university physics by Young and Freeman

    I offer it up to my high flyers to do further reading beyond the basic textbooks

  8. For a general undergraduate level text you can't beat Tipler (Physics for scientists and engineers) it's a bit of a brick though but his warped sense of humour provides some good stretching questions for high ability students and gives pretty good coverage of all physics topics.

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