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A2 French cultural topics

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by myleneorama, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. what is everyone else doing for the cultural topics? Ideas gratefully received..
  2. lolotte

    lolotte New commenter

    La France sous l'Occupation allemande and <u>Le Petit Prince</u>
  3. After much soulsearching
    L'Occupation and Louis Malle (Au revoir les enfants and Lacombe Lucien) We opted to go for ones that were linked in the end
  4. hennapen

    hennapen New commenter

    Ren&eacute; Magritte (great new gallery open in Brussels! ummmm chocolat!) and Truffaut
  5. hennapen

    hennapen New commenter

    Although having said that I was disappointed to find that you couldn't do a painter and a director because they come from the same group (I know, I didn't get it either, and AQA agreed that it was an arbitrary rule). So we swapped Truffaut for Camus. And yes the chocs in Brussels were worth the trip!!
  6. butlins

    butlins New commenter

    I'm doing Paris as a region and Camus l'Etranger as a text. Next year though, I am not going to do Paris and it's so wide a topic that you never really know if you've done it thoroughly enough. So I may do Truffaut. Les 400 Coups or something like that.
  7. As a postscript to my comment above we didn't go for linked ones in the end having discovered it was frowned upon as it would limit them too much in the oral. We did Jean de Florette and Manon des sources as novels instead of the Malle films. Very enjoyable but took too long to read so I'm going to do Brittany as an area next time.
  8. I agree with redpens - I did Jean de Florette as a novel this year and found that it took too long to read leaving little time to study La Haine. I also found that I had really gone into Jean de Florette in far too much (undergraduate) detail. Both of the topics however were very well received by the pupils.
  9. We have done Le Silence de la Mer, which the students loved, Les Choristes, which was lovely to start, but we are now all sick of it! Also each pupil chose their own region and researched it.. Going to change it next year though..
  10. steveglover

    steveglover New commenter

    Those people wanting to offer a fairly free choice of cultural topic to students might be interested in the eight film guides published recently by linguascope at www.linguascope.com/films
    Each guide has a set range of language exercises to help students know the film inside out at the same time as improving their vocabulary and grammatical ability.
    There are two WW2 guides, Au Revoir les Enfants and Le Dernier M&eacute;tro which complement each other well.
    There are two Claude Chabrol films Merci pour le Chocolat and Le Boucher.
    La Haine and Le Grand Voyage both tackle the issue of multicultural France and I would call Am&eacute;lie and Les Choristes feel good films.
    These books were written to take the donkey work out of preparing cultural materials and to leave them free to be creative in the classroom.
  11. BrightonEarly

    BrightonEarly Occasional commenter

    Thanks for the link to Linguascope steveglover - there are lots of good resources here [​IMG].
  12. i had a look at these and they do look very good. May change from Truffaut to another director next year asam getting a bit jaded!
  13. rosaespanola

    rosaespanola New commenter

    I'm trying to decide what to do this year, - I share the class and we're going to do one cultural topic each. We both have a couple of things we're comfortable with doing so I think we're going to give the students an outline of each thing and let them decide which they'd prefer to do.
    I'm thinking of either doing Jacques Prevert's poetry (can anyone tell me how many poems constitute a "collection of poems"?), Quebec as a target language region, or Claude Chabrol as a film director. The teacher who shares the class will either do Jean de Florette as a book and film (could they do this if I was doing Chabrol provided they focused mainly on the book?) or Jean-Pierre Jeunet as a director. Does anyone have any comments on these choices?

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