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A2 Food Technology.

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by smg58, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. smg58

    smg58 New commenter

    Can anyone give me clear advice on marking 12 mark questions on unit 3 AQA June 2016 (old spec). I am enquiring for my daughter who has been told that 12 mark questions are rewarded as one mark for one relevant point and any additional explanation, description or analysis is pointless and will not get any marks. She has been told that this is the case even when questions ask for discuss and describe. Looking at the examiners report and mark schemes there appears to be suggestion that a levels of response system operates with developed points allowing students to move up the mark scale as in the case of her other A level subjects. As an A level Business Studies teacher and examiner I find it hard to believe that an A level qualification is awarded for a bulleted list. I don't want to contradict her teacher or give her wrong advice. I would be grateful for any help or comments on this matter.

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