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A2 English Language B Coursework

Discussion in 'English' started by yelnats, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. I will be A2 in the new academic year, the coursework element. I have done some research but still feel rather confused and do not really know where to start. If someone could give me some advice or where to start would be great.

    Thanks in advance


  2. If you post an email address I will email you a guide to it if that helps?

  3. A Language Investigation into any area of language (preferably using a range of appropriate language methods/frameworks), with a Media Text linked to it. The MT needs to be based (perhaps loosely) on the topic of the investigation and have a clear informative purpose.
    Some possible ones might be
    • an investigation into teacher talk in the classroom with an article aimed at potential new teachers on classroom language
    • an investigation into changing meanings of a set of key words over time with a web article aimed at broadsheet readers to look at attitudes to semantic change
    • an investigation into the structure of early children's speech across three different children of 4-6, with an article for a parenting magazine on children's language development.
    I've put a few others together here but they are aimed primarily at A spec Language students who have to focus on spoken language.
  4. That would be great, thank you so much!

    adel<font size="3">_123</font>@hotmail.co.uk
  5. Try the Edu sites for English


    Great A2 Lang resources!

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