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A2 Edexcel - Unit 4 Implications - Synoptic paper (Philosophy of religion section)

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Lou Sullivan, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Is anyone else teaching this? My colleague and I have been teaching this unit since January and it is challenging to say the least. We have resources and ideas to share but are looking for inspiration from others also! Please get in touch if this applies to you.
  2. Is anyone else teaching this? My colleague and I have been teaching this unit since January and it is challenging to say the least. We have resources and ideas to share but are looking for inspiration from others also! Please get in touch if this applies to you.
  3. Yes we are teaching this paper. I am concerned about the emergence of modern philosophy part of this paper. I have drafted an essay for the religious language part if you'd like a copy to pull apart you're welcome. I'd appreciate any resources you could share with me too.
  4. Skitashi

    Skitashi New commenter

    Yes, I started a similar thread a while back but got little response- We started by doing the Ethics questions but have changed to the Philosophy section as it looks more manageable. I have questions that I did for the Ethics if anyone wants - if anyone has anything for the Philosophy that would be brill
  5. lam


    I will be, although we haven't started yet - usual form is that we select a topic for them and teach it intensively over the 5 hours. I am going on training on this next friday, but will be more than happy to share ideas and resources.

  6. Skitashi, I'm doing the Ethics anthology so would love a copy of your questions. Am about to spend the weekend digesting it!!!

    Anyone else doing ethics? Edexcel told me it was the easier option? Am happy to share resources if anyone has anything.

  7. Hi guys, we teach this unit and it looks solid!! I'm really worried about it... if anyone has any words of inspiration that they would be happy to pass on I'd be so grateful I might eat my own hand!!!
  8. Skitashi

    Skitashi New commenter

    Iam - how did it go? A girl I bumped in to at Culham said that on the Edexcel course they told her the Scheenwind (?) extract wouldnt be asked! and they also 'hinted' at the extracts that would come up! I questioned the Edexcel people who assured me that this would never be the case. But I still don't know why the girl would bother saying that sort of thing to a complete stranger???
    Anyway did you glean anything?
  9. lam


    I'm going the day after tomorrow. If I pick up anything useful, I will report it back here!
  10. Skitashi

    Skitashi New commenter

    I take it nowt useful??
  11. lam


    I made some notes and got some interesting ideas (from the other people going there too). Email me and I will send you my scribblings!

    (Email addy listed above!)
  12. myself and a colleague also trying to get our heads around this - if anyone has any ideas/ thoughts on the philosophy or ethics then can you please email me at:
    we are only too happy to share any of our ideas also.
  13. Skitashi

    Skitashi New commenter

    I saw the Edexcel people on another course and they said the following

    Just ask the pupils
    For AO1
    What do they UNDERSTAND about the text
    Use technical terms
    Give examples and use quotes to demonstrate understanding.
    For AO2
    Sustain argument
    agree/Disagree/however and finally
    what are the implications....

    But I havent been on the real McCoy course.
    Ethics paper on RESTUFF
  14. Skitashi

    Skitashi New commenter

    Its a year on - last year we got it right predicting the Ayer text. Has anyone got any ideas, inside info will do... on what will come up this year? I put a resource for the Ethics paper on RESTUFF but we changed to the Philosophy anthology, if you have anything on this or any guidance notes on the Westphal or Donovan texts that would be great!
    Many thanks
  15. Yes, all 3 extracts have to be studied. However, the 3rd extract - the Westphal one - is a major headache and really is, in my opinion, far too much to be expected at A2 level. It would cause most undergraduates a major headache, never mind A2 students. Arthur Giles has published a 'study' (essay) on Westphal, but I find that it isn't a great deal of help. My students hate it and find it almost incomprehensible.
    Hopefully, the Westphal extract will not be given - but who knows?
    I place a lot of emphasis on making links with the rest of the course. I was under the impression that the extracts were to be considered a 'springboard' in that students have to show that they understand it, but then make wider links to religious and human experience, hopefully much of which has been covered by the rest of the course.
  16. I am also finding this paper very difficult - except I am doing the Christianity paper. I literally feel like I am stabbing in the dark. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated.

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