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A2 Edexcel Music tech listening and producing

Discussion in 'Music' started by pianomania, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. pianomania

    pianomania New commenter

    So what did we all think?
    Mine thought it was hard in places. Thought the microphones question was a good choice. We had a few glitches with Cubase not always wanting to import the MIDI extract into the current file..

    What software are people using for this exam? do you use different software for recording and sequencing tasks?
  2. thought it seemed harded than past and sample papers....
    although mic question was nice!
  3. We use Logic and in places it was ok. The bass instrument creation is just about the default setting on the ES1 synth!
  4. My students thought it was hard, I haven't really had chance to look through it yet, but it seemed ok.
  5. I thought it was quite fair, just wish I had done more on using the 'engines' of the softsynths for the bassline question.
    It is torture having to sit and watch them throughout the exam though. I was pulling my hair out watching one spend 30 mins on the vocals task, for some reason playing around with eq and compression for ages even though the question said they'd already been done!
    I'd set the reverb question only the week before in a practice paper.

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