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A2 Edexcel Exam Unit 4

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by gammonfeet, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Just wanted to say how pleased I was with the question paper.

    We did Lysistrata and it was a great extract which we'd looked at in depth. And i think the choice of questions in Section C and B were really fair (I would have happily answered both for each sections).

    What a relief. You always question yourself about whether there's anything they are going to ask about the concept or production which you haven't covered. Hope everyone else was happy with it!
  2. s0s


    I'm on maternity leave so haven't seen the paper yet! I did some emergency sessions with my Yr 13s last month with Lysistrata and Twelfth Night - can you give the gist of the questions please? Sounds promising though [​IMG]
  3. I can't remember exactly. I've got the paper at school so I'll try and post Qs tommorrow. Also did Lysistrata. Definitely a very fair paper. Some of mine seemed to have found the timing hard and a couple said they felt the exam was difficult but most seemed pleased with the questions. Fingers crossed!
  4. s0s


    Fab- thank you! 2 of mine emailed and said they had timing issues - 1 ran out in Section C the other in Section A but hopefully they did enough. Some said rehearsal techniques was the hardest bit so were thankful that it carries the least marks!
  5. Yes, mine said the same! They all found Section A the hardest and thought the B and C questions were ok. We were advised by Alan Perks to answer Section C then B then A so that's what they did. I think only one of mine mis-timed a lot (didn't do little a or little b of Section A) and she was really upset. She's very able though so I'm hoping she's written well on the others. The rest didn't seem too bad though one or two said they didn't quite finish. I do think it's a lot to write about in the time, it requires real time management skills in the exam and, although they all knew that, the pressure can really throw them with that.
    'directors in the 21st century are more concerned with images than words in performance'
    Discuss the above statement to demonstrate your understanding of the play you have seen...in relation to its orig conds
    Evaluate the use of ONE design element to demonstrate your understanding.....in relation to....

    As a director, justify your interpretation of the play by demonstrating how you intend to communicate your ideas to an audience
    As a director, outline your approach to EITHER costume OR set and give examples, supported by reasons, of how your ideas might be realised in performance
  7. s0s


    Thank you! Gives me confidence that I have covered what they need for these two sections - the rest was up to them I suppose - just hard to let go!
  8. Oh thank god .. I'm part time and today is my day off so not yet seen the paper .. Section b and c look good to me! Puts my mind at ease ... Anyone any idea what section of lysistrata section a was based on?

    This is worse that sitting it myself
  9. The lysistrata extract was mainlly myrrhine and cinesias exchange but began with Calonice. The questions were roughly:
    1a how would you explore levels?
    1b how would you develop releationship between myrrhine and cinesias?
    1c how you'd explore non-verbal?
    I hadn't gone over levels explicitly but I'm hoping mine had a good enough basis to think for themselves and come up with two techniques!
  10. The Cinesias and Myrrhine bit. Thought that was a good bit - lots to say on it. Little a was about use of levels, little b was three appropriate rehearsal techniques for this bit, little c was explore use of non-verbal communication in the scene.
  11. I do not teach it, but pages 101 -111
    Calonice: Yes I can see him
    Myrrhine: You're not asking me to break my oath!
    A 1 a
    Outline for your performers 2 ways they may explore levels
    A 1 b
    Consider THREE approp reh techs ....explore relationship bet Cinesias and Myrrhine
    A 1 c
    Explain to your performers...exploring non-verbal communication...reasons...supported by extract
  12. Great to hear that folks were happy with the exam. My lot came out of the exam smiling and happy with how it went. Phew!
    I agree that the time limit is a little tough.My lot went for CAB and although they were writing almost up to the time limit they managed to finish it all. 50, 30, 50 minutes with 20mins to faff, look around the room, read all the questions, panic etc is the way we rehearsed it. Seems to have worked.
    Fingers crossed for August.
    Good luck to you all!

  13. I was so pleased with it too! We've done Woyzeck and we spent AGES on individual concepts and how they would work in practice - students directing selected scenes; using rehearsal techniques etc.
    We also went to see "Hamlet" at the Crucible with John Simm [​IMG] and the Section C questions were PERFECT for it!! I so hope I'm not building my hopes up - it would be brilliant if they all took on board everything we'd said to them this year. On talking to them yesterday, they seemed positive and thought it was generally ok - all stuck to the time limits too which is a step up from last year.
    Fingers crossed!!!!
    Nicky xxx[​IMG]

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