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A2 AQA Textiles and the Text 3 Exam paper

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by designerwhirl, May 4, 2010.

  1. Is it just me? This paper is awful, the exemplar material features that question on the role of the Health and Safety executive. Are they actually expecting students to be able to answer that question? Or the one on men's jackets? I spent 10 years as a mens outerwear designer, and I think that question is awful .I would struggle to answer it.
    I showed my lovely bright class some of the questions, and they were horrified by them ( and I have some huge brains in that class)
    How is anyone else teaching this?
    I used to teach Ed-excell, and they stopped those open ended essay type questions due to candidates bad performance on them.
    Any tips gratefully received.

  2. What exam paper are you refering to?
    They are not sitting their exam until the end of this month. I am in the process of marking folders to post on Monday. I now need a stiff drink.
  3. Sorry forgot to add, I use to work industry and I thought the exam paper for the AS in January hard going for the students. My RM colleagues told a A grade student, who did not do textiles at GCSE, that she could do A Level textiles on her own because it was easy. The poor girl has failed the exam twice.

    I support her and two other students one hour a week.
  4. I feel exactly the same about the exam. We have worked really hard this year, only the second year of teaching A level. We have outstanding portfolios and practical outcomes, most of the group gaining a grade A/B depending on the boundaries. We have begun working through the exemplar material for the exam and it is so difficult for them to access the higher marks. The questions suggested are incredibly specialised and off the top of my head, and I have worked in industry too, I find it difficult to answer all of them fully. What worries me now is that all the hard work previous to this exam, will be compromised by the exam, due to it being a 50/50 split. We are already looking for another exam board to go with. If anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful.
    We have set essay revsion every week for the past month and still they are struggling, we have powerpoints, books, visiting experts and so on....what more can you do?
    Anyone any suggstions?
    The students involved are also taking are A level with the same exam board, yet they are coping much better as the exam is practical..when I asked the art teacher about the demands on the students, she replied they do an essay based question that they re draft until it is sufficient etc....maybe thats how the theory assessment should be in Textiles. Maybe AQA need to rethink the A level Textiles, I have heard so many complaints re the balance and content.

  5. I am also very concerned about the exam and when I showed my students the exemplar paper they didn't have a clue about how to answer some of the questions. I'm going to an AQA CPD on the AS and A2 exam papers and I hope that is going to help but it will be too late for the students sitting TEXT 4 this summer. I know it has been said before but it would be so much better if there was a textbook to work from.
    Did anyone sign up for Kerboodle and if so do you think it was worth it?
  6. At my school the students start their GCSE in year 9 last year.I did plan for them to start their A level in year 11. I attending the AQA CPD and the focus was on the portfolios not the exam paper. As someone who was teachin A level for the first time I was some what dissapointed that the exam papers was not covered as part of the training.
    I think all exam boards need to rethink/ restructure the exams for textiles at both GCSE and GCE if the subject is to survive. Having worked in the industry for a number of years education in schools is giving students the wrong perspective of the textile industry.
    I have been using resources that I used when I taught in FE, which can be expensive. I would like to know who writes the exam questions and where they get their information from. What I teach is relevant to the industry of today. Do the exam boards take into consideration of the resources available for schools? I know my budget has been reduced for this year and it will be a few years before I can buy an heat press for printing. It's a good thing I am resourcefully and can find alternative methods.
  7. We have the same issues withTEXT3. 3 questions out of 6 sounds fairly straight forward until you read the one and only exemplar paper and mark scheme. The plain answer booklet to be introduced this year will be challenging to write essay style questions in. The board said this was to give scope to use sketches and notes to enhance answers.
    Our students have achieved good marks for TEXT4 but are reallyworried about the exam paper and final grades in August. We have spent hours creating powerpoints and sifting through L Cresswell textbook. Lots of revision sessions have been organised over the exam period to help. We've assumed that anything on the TEXT3 spec can come up on the exam paper. Our most successful theory lessons have been the visiting speakers we've spotted from our parents.
    If anyone has found any good sources we'd love to know. We were really disappointed not to get a textbook like the3D courses.
  8. I lost my temper yesterday, and sent an email to AQA about the lack of textbook. I spent hours researching what line balancing and factory load was, until I was at screaming point. I also teach another dt subject at Alevel. They have textbook, revision guide and teachers guide. So if they miss a lesson or the teacher does, they have something to refer back to, Textiles doesn't, and I think this is really really unfair and disadvantages textiles.
    I am just like the rest on here. The coursework was fantastic, but my class are dreading the exam. They are bright able students, but they keep asking, how they can possibly remember the vast amount of information that they need to know...and I agree, I can't remember it all either. I am sure they are making it as hard as possible for them. The other alevel exam board I teach, did away with these long answers, due to bad candidate performance on them. They now have a ramped paper, a bit like the old A2 textile paper.
    I think perhaps someone should send this thread to AQA. I am looking forward to airing my furious opinion at the meeting on how to answer those papers. In fact I may take this thread with me.
    The one thing I remember of use, is at one meeting I attended we were told to push candidates towards history of fashion, and designers, as there would always be a question on this.
    I really think AQA need to now about our feelings on this
  9. Could we not send an onlne petition or smething to QCA?

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