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A2 AQA English Lit A Love through the Ages

Discussion in 'English' started by MLT, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. MLT


    I dred Sunday evenings as it means I have double Yr 13 the following morning. I've been running through what to do with them tomorrow, and have no ideas.
    I share the class, so me and the other teacher have managed to teach up to and including the Victorian period. What to do now?
    Any ideas?
  2. In desperation in much the same boat, I am concentrating on key moments in love literature - banned books (Fanny Hill, Chatterley etc) and finding comparisons - They should all be able to recognise features of writers of different periods -Austen, Dickens, Hardy, and so on into 20th century -particularly the female voice.. Other comparisons have been with Great Expectations and Antigone (Anouilh), looking at unrequited or ended love... My biggest issue is that my yr 13s are currently incapable of analysing the effect of literary devices. Much of my time is spent trying to achieve something ion this area, regardless of the exam. Everything is narrative based and full of emotional response. I suppose I am trying to give as wide a range as possible to a group of students who have read Kite Runner and Time Traveler's Wife and think that they are daring for doing so... I will start tomorrow with e.e.cummings and then a comparison of Marlowe and C Day Lewis. Let's see h9ow that goes.

    Sorry to be no help!

  3. I'll start this post with the disclaimer that I'm not currently teaching this module, but other teachers in my dept are, and I've been there while they were talking about it. It's my understanding that it can be "love" in any form, not just romantic/sexual love? So you could find things to read about parent-child love, sibling love, platonic love...? Might open up a few more text ideas for you.
  4. MLT


    This was really helpful. I made them find the poem with the phrase 'the love that dare not speak its name', and come up with three texts dealing with forbidden love from 1900s. From that we did some work on the texts and the time frames they covered as well as modernism etc as they came up with some interesting ideas.
    I will look at other forms next week, but at least its given me a start... I really was at my wits end.
  5. This course is stressing me out as its too open. Please can you tell me which texts you used for 'forbidden love'?
    We have done 'Taming of Shrew', 'Captain Corelli' , 'W Heights', metaphysical, Romantic, Victorian, then modern female poetry and thye all read another novel and lots of extracts but still I am scared that an apsecct of love will come up which we haven't really done in all 3 genres and then they will struggle to think of any wider reading to work in to answer. I know its mainly comparison of the texts on the paper but they find this hard too. Bring back the exams when you do one book and then do a test on it. I am thinking that if this still seems this tricky next year maybe in the end we go to the other AQA spec (B).
  6. Hi,

    I am a PGCE student and had to do a few lessons on love poetry with a Yr 13 group.
    We had some good lessons looking at the active agent persuing love in the poetry, ranging from male as observer in the more traditional pastoral style poems (Marvell 'To his coy mistress'), to male as engager and producer of lust (Herrick 'The Vine') and ending in female as all-consuming point of lust (almost anything from Carol Ann Duffy's 'The World's Wife).
    It worked really nicely as we were able to draw in anything from Chaucer (Miller's Tale - the seduction of Alison) to Shakespeare, Rossetti... everything really. In the majority of romantic/lustful love poems there is an active gendered agent... typically male.
    They really seemed to enjoy the extra focus we added in (to escape from just love!) and we were able to draw out the nuances of different types of love along the way.

    I hope that helps in some way!
  7. MLT


    As a department we managed to come up with a few texts. I have just done two Thom Gunn poems, one was Carnal Knowledge - can not for the life of me remember the other one. We also used Lady C by DH Lawrence.
    As much as I think they were good choices, I did have some very interesting observations from the sutdents about what was forbidden about the love! The look on their faces when I asked them to find other examples from their wider reading, was a picture!
  8. Thanks for that idea. I'm trying to put together sample question papers to help students draw in the wider reading and I'm sure this will give them a lot to get there teeth into.
  9. I have a very dull Y13 group. Fond of them all - but they are not natural readers and I have been really disappointed with their unwillingness to read off site as it were....oh, apart from Twilight of course.

    I approached this unit slightly differently to the rest of you; I started off by thinking of all the possible areas of love - intimation, celebration, forbidden, unrequited, loss, family, friendship etc and looked at a variety of extracts across all the genres, divided by one of these areas. Sometimes I gave them extracts to work on and present back to the others, sometimes we did group readings, sometimes individual.

    We read Enduring Love as a whole text and with their other teacher they did some drama (can't remember what he did) but as I couldn't rely on them to read the amount I needed to, the whole text bit was quite painful, so our learning has been extract based with a lot of me saying 'If you respond to this, then it would be a good idea to go and get it out of the library and read the whole thing'!

    I also raided the office and gave each of them a text to read and present to the rest of the class - you would think I had asked them to pull their own teeth out. Amongst these texts was Jude, Lady Chatterley, Nice Work, Sons and Lovers etc. Their feedback was shocking.

    For context I gave them a brief summary of each era and then gave each student an era to research. They then had to find their own text and present it as a product of its era.

    For revision purposes I'm going to give each of them one of the original groups. They will then need to bring together details of all the extracts they've looked at with me, with textual detail and commentary - all on A3 with colours. I then photocopy the lot as a sort of Revision booklet. Their other teacher is doing exam practice with them.

    I've really struggled this year with this group and can't wait for next year when my bright, vibrant and extremely well-read Y12s enter Y13.
  10. PS

    Am aware I sound very bitter - I'm not. This lot all have English tacked on at the end of their other subjects - it shows! I enjoy my lessons with them, but wish they enjoyed reading more.

    Also - I had paragraphs in the first post. Where'd they go?!
  11. armandine2

    armandine2 Established commenter

    On This Island, Benjamin Britten's settings of (5) Auden poems; fourth one Nocturne, is affectionate if not exactly loving ... good example of a succubus. I'd say when heard, sung well, would be accessible.
  12. rosieeo

    rosieeo New commenter

    I'm in the process of completing a big A3 sheety thing for students to fill in to help them check and revise their wider reading. I'd be happy to send it out once finished, if anyone's interested?
  13. Nice idea Armandine... I was looking for something different...

    Been using Private Lives in recent days... going quite well and plenty of You Tube clips to assist!
  14. I'd love to see it; jwp@sloughgrammar.sch.uk
  15. Yes please - I'd like a copy it sounds a great idea.
    Angie - email: Angiemm@crqs.co.uk
  16. Hello Rosieeo!
    Just saw this comment and would love to see your A3 sheet for wider reading! I'm a student currently studying this module and would love something like this. I'm aware you sent this comment two years ago but if you still have this sheet I'd love to see it! My email is beccaa_22@hotmail.com
    Thanks so much!

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