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A2 Applied Business Unit 13 organising a event

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Msgray1, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. If its the Edexcel Unit, I ran this last year. My students ran a winter ball for our 6th Form and it was very well received. I have a scheme and delivery material if you need it. Get in touch
    via email getgoing555@aol.co.uk
  2. Would you still have a scheme for the unit 13 organising an event?

  3. Hi PG

    I am also going to be teaching this unit in September is possible that you can email me your SOW and delivery materials.

    Or could you please up load them on the TES area.

  4. RKM


    Hi could I have a copy of this SOW and any resources that you may have please.


    Thank You
  5. RKM


    Has anyone been sent a copy of these resources?
  6. Hi PG

    I am also going to be teaching this unit in September is possible that you can email me your SOW and delivery materials. This would be a huge help to me.


    Thank you :)

    Brian Fulton
  7. We ran this unit a few years ago now (run AQA now). It was my favourite unit to teach and the kids loved it - really hands-on learning. The students organised a Y7-9 Halloween Disco for the event and both years we ran it were very successful. One things we found was that the students tended to drift into 'we did this' when writing their coursework up. We had to keep reminding them that they needed to talk about their own specific job role within the organising of the event, as well as what everyone else did.

    The SOW and student brief are linked to below (both were written by the HOD):

    SOW: www.dropbox.com/.../Organising%20an%20event%20SOW.doc

    Brief: www.dropbox.com/.../Witch%20Night.doc

    I'll put them on the TES resources if/when I get a chance, but the links above should give you a helping hand.

    All the best

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