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A - Z of hated education buzz words!!

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by rasamus, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. N - National - as in standards, initiative, strategy etc...... Leave me alone!!!!!
  2. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Opportunity (as in learning opportunity)

    scraping the barrel here, sorry
  3. P is for Point (Evidence, Example)
    I'm sorry; I just hate that
  4. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Questioning as in open ended
  5. Standards - falling, raise them, benchmark against them.... pickle them and store for 30 years....
  6. T - Teaching & Learning - but then that was easy; so I've tried again below:
    U - Uniform? The on-going fuss on the corridors and in the playgrounds.
    U - Under-performing! Always could do better!!
  7. R - Reflection
    What? I reflect, you reflect, they reflect! If everyone spent less time reflecting and more time doing, we might get somewhere. Grrr [​IMG]
  8. Likewise:
    E - Evaluation
    Enough said.
  9. Taking it back to the start. A for Active Learning (all the rage in Scotland at the moment - perish the thought you should give the little darlings a worksheet). I mean, it's just stupid. To learn is a verb. It's active. If you're learning, you're active. Doesn't matter whether your body is moving around and sound is coming out of your mouth or not. But oh no, the bureaucrats know better and anything that involves a modicum of peace and quiet, or just a touch of routine practice is *so* 20th century.
  10. B......Bell Curve.....there's a move in our school to adopt this form of marking, so that instead of a kid going home with a grade that says 10%...... it magically transforms into 40%.........I just don't get this........
  11. RED (Ready Every Day) - for OFSTED
    sub-levels and levels
    above / below national expectations
    meeting the criteria
    closing the gap
    It's all very target driven isn't it!
  12. RITA = Reading In The Afternoon

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