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A YouTube revision channel covering the whole AQA GCSE, one video at a time.

Discussion in 'Geography' started by laceygeography, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. laceygeography

    laceygeography New commenter


    Hey. This is my YouTube channel - trying my best at the moment to spread the word as quickly as possible before the exams arrive.

    I've been trying to complete almost the entire AQA Geography GCSE in the form of revision videos. It started off being purely for my Year 11s and kind of just grew from there into other classes, other year groups and now I'm starting to get students from all over the place subscribing to my channel. I know many schools take slightly different paths in the units and case studies we teach but I'm sure at least a good chunk of this might be useful (and it's free).

    Figured I'd post it here in case any of you wanted to recommend it to your year 11 students as we near the exams for this year.

    Kind regards,

    Calum Lacey

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