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A Yank in Crisis: Three Parts Ecstatic, Two Parts Overwhelmed

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by dgillm01, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. dgillm01

    dgillm01 New commenter

    And 100% ready to commit to this change in my life.

    I'm an American currently living in America, but I want to move to England as a teacher (specifically Taunton or just the Somerset region in general). Admittedly, I'm a little overwhelmed by the whole thing, so I was hoping some of the professionals here could help a yank out with regards to well and truly completing my relocation to Britain.

    I'm really looking for some help as far as how I can make myself appealing to the various maintained and/or independent schools in Somerset. I already know what my immigration/work visa process will look like, but I can't start that until I'm officially offered the job. As I mentioned, I currently live in America and need whatever school I apply at to be willing to sponsor my work visa. So, unfortunately, I fear that I may be hitting two words which will make employers look at my application in disgust: foreigner and NQT.

    I'm currently trained in the areas of English, Literature, History, Geography, and Maths. My actual degree is in the field of Education with copious amounts of time centered around Integrated Technology, Classroom Management, and Special Needs Support (though I am not certified as a paraprofessional. I'm not sure what the equivalent title in the U.K. is). I am also working as a Substitute Teacher in my local district currently (Supply Teacher, I believe they're called across the pond?). So this means that I also have practical experience leading a classroom which is constantly growing with each passing moment.

    Does anyone have any kind of help they can offer me in getting my foot in the door? I'll be visiting a friend near Taunton come June, so I absolutely must have any and all interviews and paperwork requirements met by that time. I want to make this happen for myself. I'm about to apply for an independent school in Taunton, and I want to make absolutely sure that I'm appealing enough not to be simply passed over because of my unique circumstance.

    Any and all help is appreciated, my new friends. And may my newfound membership here be one of prosperity and productivity for years to come
  2. JL48

    JL48 Star commenter

    Sounds great - good luck!

    Taunton would seem to me to be an area that might be more competitive, in terms of getting a full time teaching job. You might have to be a little more flexible on area to guarantee yourself a position.
  3. dgillm01

    dgillm01 New commenter

    I should clarify: there seem to be a good amount of positions in and around Taunton. I feel as though I would be quite happy with most places in the Somerset area. I will admit to being partial to Taunton because I have a friend nearby, but I am willing to accept most places in the area.

    Oh and by the by, if any of you guys happen to know of open positions in the area in question... well, as we say on my side of the pond, "holler at your boy" ;)
  4. sabrinakat

    sabrinakat Star commenter

    1.You'd want to subscribe to the TES job alert and/or check daily for new jobs.
    2. You should ask @TES_Rosaline to move this to the Overseas Trained teachers forum as this one is for help on the website.
    3. Do you have any experience in the UK system? If not, that will make it very difficult to get interviews, let alone a job or visa.
    4. Not sure if you're secondary or primary, but if secondary, teachers usually offer a singular (or two) subjects - not a myraid.

    Good luck - as an American myself, I had the advantage of postgraduate qualifications at a UK university which helped a great deal.
  5. dgillm01

    dgillm01 New commenter

    That seems a bit of a catch 22, to be frank. How would I have been expected to get experience within the UK system when I can't get into the UK system without a job?

    That said, I do have experience in the American system, and have been researching the UK system intensely since I made this decision that I want to move.

    And thanks, I'll put in that request
  6. dgillm01

    dgillm01 New commenter

    As an addendum to my previous post (which I cannot edit), I can't message Rosaline myself because I am currently New Commenter status :/

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