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A tyre dilemma!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by impulce, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Warning: Incredibly dull post ahead!
    My car (A hyundai coupe) has always had problems with its wheels/tyres, the alloys are pretty corroded (But I cant afford a new set at the moment)and as far as Im aware aren't particularly well fitted to my tyres due to this. I lose pressure in my tyres fairly quickly and have to pump them up every couple of weeks.
    I took it to a national tyre place not long ago and he "rebeaded" my worst tyre for £20 which seems to have done the trick. Two more of my tyres are now losing pressure, one of them has a small crack/flap of tyre, and another has a dust cap stuck to it. Other than that they're fine - the tread is well within limit, they were cheap tyres but aren't very old.
    Whilst they seem to know what they're doing, I hate the tyre place I took it to last time. They are patronising and I find it uncomfortable, and I cannot reverse out of the bloody place I went to last time because its so tight - I had to do some bizarre manouevre whilst all the men stood wondering what on earth I was doing! Ive developed a bit of a fear :p
    I booked it into a Hyundai dealership for tomorrow morning because I just wanted someone reputable to look at my tyres and sort them out, but it is the end of the month and Ive very little cash left. Theyre charging £75 just to look at it and I imagine will just tell me the two tyres need replacing, probably at a fairly hefty cost.
    Im wondering whether to cancel it and just take it to a different tyre place - if they can rebead the two tyres losing pressure, just replace the valve with the stuck dust cap, and do some kind of puncture repair on the tyre with the little crack/ flap of rubberit would surely be infinately cheaper?
    I realise im deliberating about something petty but Im fed up of having problems with my tyres constantly and am caught between paying out for a reputable service at hyundai, or saving some money and confronting my fear of drive-in tyre places!
    Any tyre advice!?
  2. £75 just to look at it.
    Cancel and take it somewhere else.
    Can't you get a friend to go with you to smaller local place, get repaired what you can then replace if you have to when you get paid.

  3. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    cancel, cancel cancel!

    Every garage I have ever used will look at the tyres for free!

    The tyre with the flap sounds like it needs changing, remember that this is the only part of your car that touches the road, and a 'crack/flap' sounds like a puncture/blow out waiting to happen!

  4. Thanks, I think you're right - just need to confront my fear of tyre places!
    Are kwikfit actually any good? Can you replace the valve without replacing the whole tyre, and any idea how much it costs?
  5. Steer clear of kwik fit, unless you want to be charged excessive amounts.
  6. I know people have mixed feelings re kwikfit, but I always go there for a variety of reasons and they check tyres for free - they've never ripped me off and are happy to advise.
  7. But where else do I go? Any other companies that are reccomended?
    My normal garage dont have a tyre machine big enough for my tyres apparently. The place ive been to before is national autotyres but like I say im not keen.

  8. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    have a look in your local paper, they will be advertising in there.

    Mine have been about £50-£60 for a good mid range tyre in the past. You can get cheaper but like I said, its the only bit that touches the road!
  9. Maybe I'm lucky with my local kwikfit, but when I've had several quotes for the same job, they've always managed to be cheaper.

    It can't hurt to ask for their (free) advice.
  10. I've paid between £60-£75 for Pirellis
  11. Don't feel like you're being silly cause you're not.
    I'm sure any local Tessers will happily come to tell you your tyres need replacing if you give them the £75 instead. On a serious note, don't waste your money.
    I have to agree with PFF Kwik-Fit prices are just not in touch with local independent garages. Can you have a chat with friends and see if they can recommend any places? Any male friends to go with you? Otherwise you could phone around a few places from http://www.goodgaragescheme.co.uk/ and see which one is likely to be value for money. Whatever you decide best of luck :)
  12. Try a local independent tyre place. I'd originally discovered mine when a pot hole had blew a tyre out resulting in me needing a replacement one. I got a new trye and fitting for £50. A week later I knocked the air valve? off another tyre resulting in all of the air escaping and a flat tyre. He fixed it for a fiver! He told me that as he'd just started out he wanted to treat people fairly and build up a loyal customer base and the replacement valve only took him a few mins to do that why he didn't charge me much. I'd only ever go there now.
    When I first passed my test I went to a chain garage for my MOT - they quoted £400 for the work it needed doing. I then went to were my partner's dad has his fixed and they charged me £120 and said a lot of the stuff they quoted didn't even need doing ! I'd never use a chain garage now.
  13. I do agree but its a bit tricky when I dont have any personal reccomendations for any other local garages - the one I use is good but like I say they dont have a machine big enough to do my tyres.
    Its also handy if its somewhere I can walk in and wait for it to be done rather than having to drop it off, get a bus home, wait around, get a bus back etc.
    Have cancelled Hyundai (They asked why and I copped out and told them I had to work!) and will speak to OH nicely when he gets in from work to see if he'll take it somewhere for me :p
  14. Kwik Fit have always been OK for me with tyres but I wouldn't get anything else done there as that's hen they start ramping up costs. They seem pretty competitive for tyres, though - my local garage that does my servicing etc. can't compete because they don't sell the volume bigger companies do.
  15. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    If you get a recommendation or find somewhere smaller advertising, why can't you take it yourself?
  16. elisa1

    elisa1 New commenter

    I always use e-tyres.com
    They are brilliant, you order and buy them online and someone comes out to you at home or at work, fixes them and balances them and because you don't have to pay any overheads as such they are loads cheaper!!! They also will come out and fix punctures for free if you've bought tyres off them!!! They are brilliant...chaps are really lovely and as a woman they don't patronise you, they do tyres for all budgets!!
    My Dad always says though to buy decent tyres as its the only thing that will stop you!
  17. Will remember that for the future Elisa :) This time I need someone to just give me some advice on what does/doesn't need replacing but when its just a simple tyre replacement I may give them a ring.

  18. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    I think you'll find that's your brakes ...
  19. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    I too have heard good reports of etyres.

    harsh, you are being a pe<strike>n</strike>dant [​IMG]
  20. www.goodgaragescheme.co.uk

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