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A tricky one!

Discussion in 'Governors' started by Long-Time-Governor, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Long-Time-Governor

    Long-Time-Governor New commenter

    3 governors have requested an Extraordinary meeting of the Governors - as is their right.

    They plan to ask some non-members of the GB to attend the meeting - indeed the date of the meeting is to be fixed so these people can attend.

    I always thought that the GB as a whole decided who could attend meetings - although in practice I have seen Head Teachers and/or the Chair invite outside experts to attend for a particular agenda item.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    You are correct, only governors, associate members, the head and the clerk are entitled to attend GB meetings in LA schools. Anyone else can attend only if invited by the governing body. If necessary the decision whether others could attend would be by a formal vote at the meeting. The GB would also have to decide whether the 'Observers' were allowed to speak or just 'observe', and whether they attend the whole meeting or just a specific agenda item.The GB can also decide to limit the total number of Observers. Observers would leave for any item/discussion the GB ruled was Confidential.

    Meetings called this way are frequently about something contentious, is that the case here? If those calling the meeting are also asking for Observers to be present I would want to know why, what was the purpose, are they being asked to speak and if so why?

    It sounds as if the meeting has been validly called so what I'd do as Chair is remind the governors who want Observers present that they will have to propose this for the GB to vote on at the start of the meeting and treat it as any other matter a GB votes on. The governors wanting Observers would have to propose it and out their case, others can ask the questions and oppose it if they wish, then a vote of those governors present (including whether they can speak, and whether all the proposed Observers can attend).

    Clerk would instruct the proposed Observers to remain outside while this was happening and then invite them in only if that was the decision of the GB.

    The Agenda for the meeting should include 'Proposal to permit Observers' as an Agenda item and I'd invite the governors concerned to give details of the proposed Observers, and why they want them to attend, to the Clerk for circulation with the Agenda.


    t, one who is
  3. Long-Time-Governor

    Long-Time-Governor New commenter

    The meeting is regarding the on-going process of becoming an academy. The delegated sub-committee looking at the issue want both potential MATs to make a presentation at an already timetabled meeting. The 3 governors (actually I have my doubts there are 3) want only their favoured candidate to be invited to an early meeting..

    I think the requested meeting might go ahead - if there are still 3 supporters - but since the MAT will not be invited when we exercise our delegated powers to not invite them- it will be pointless!

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