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Discussion in 'Further Education' started by chelseagrange, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Dear whoever wants to read!
    I've currently studying my PGDE at Bolton University and as the first assignment is a 20 minute Micro Teach, I'm struggling for a topic to engage the class with.
    My class is split into either English, Drama and Media and Filn Trainees, my specialty being the latter Film and Media.
    Any advice from those that have done this before would be greatly appreciated.
    I'd love to be bold in my topic but as it is only 20mins (and my first time) I can't see this being realistic!)

  2. What about something on The Wire? That's pretty popular with young people (and old people like me).
  3. Not sure if the 'rules' have changed since I did mine many years ago but at that time we didn't have to stick to our own teaching topic. We could do anything whether is was directly connected to the topic we wanted to teach or not.
    So, we had people teaching vocabulary from foreign languages, we had people demonstrating judo throws, one person showed us how to tie certain knots which we then had to copy and another demonstated icing biscuits. All in all a pretty mixed group!
    As I said I don't if you have to do something connected to film studies. Do you have any hobbies you could use a basis for the micro teach?
    Good luck with whatever you decide!
  4. I'll try that again shall I? Sorry for the typos first time around.
    I don't know if you have to do something connected to film studies. Do you have any hobbies you could use as a basis for the micro teach?

  5. Thanks for your reply JJ
    Sorry I haven't got back to you sooner..
    I assumed it could be anything, but yesterday when I clarifyed it with my teacher/mentor she said 'no, but I'd like it to relate to your chosen field' and that being Film and Media then throws me as there's so much to choose from and hard to narrow down.
    If it wasn't, I was going to draw upon experiences from my last job as I was a Business and Training Manager for Clarins and I had to train/teach people all the time and demonstrate to them how to do a 'mini facial'. That is easy, fun, exciting (especially for the women in my group) unsure, unsure, unsure I am!

  6. Our group was really mixed with many different topics covered and very few people actually used ideas related to their teaching topics. In my opinion this made the whole process more interesting for everyone involved.
    It was many years ago and as I said the rules may have changed but the focus was on us actually engaging our 'students' and creating something interactive that they would enjoy. The actual chosen content for the micro teach was secondary.
    I'm afraid Film and Media is not at all my area, so I don't have any specific advice on that. Why don't you suggest your idea to your mentor and see what response you get?

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