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A thread to share time saving tips in the classroom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tired teacher, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. In my Y1 class we do a 'start the day' activity which the parent/carer reads with the child when they arrive in the classroom. Tasks involve the children arming themselves with a whiteboard, pen and rubber which are out on a table in storage boxes for them. They are then ready to go to their phonics groups as soon as the register is done. When they come back to class the equipment goes back into the storage boxes as they walk past them. Only works if phonics is done first thing of course!
  2. Fantastic thread!! Keep the ideas coming! I am a NQT, but whilst on placement I trialled handing out mini whiteboards and pens by giving the child on the end of each row the correct number for their row and then seeing which row could be sat ready first with the board and pen in front of them on the carpet and all sat ready to learn. It only takes a minute or two from start to finish and then same again for putting away. This was for a mixed Year 1/2 class - any other ideas?
  3. Here are a few that I do:
    Give every child in class a responsibility for the term or year eg. librarian, glueing in sheets, lost property, switching on the computers, watering the plants etc.
    Buy personalised stampers for things you write repeatedly eg. 'Guided reading today' 'Small group work'.
    Put children's names on their pencils and whiteboard pens and a number on their rulers - so they know that those items are THEIR responsibility for the year & they need to keep track of them and look after them.

  4. I like this one!
  5. http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2011/08/more-than-100-tips-and-tricks-for-new.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+freetech4teachers%2FcGEY+%28Free+Technology+for+Teachers%29&utm_content=Google+UK

    I hpoe this link works! 131 tips on here...
  6. This way of doing the register is fab! I stole your idea last year and the children loved it. We did it in reverse too sometimes. Thank you so much.
  7. Another great idea I got from TES forum last year is a good AFL trick too. I have 3 traffic light -coloured boxes that fit books in. At the end of each maths lesson, I put them out and the children look back at the LO ( which they always write as title) and put their book in the box as they feel they have done. 'I fully understand' goes in green, ' I need more practice' goe sin maber etc. The boxes are from really useful boxes and are from Hobbycraft.
    I then mark the red box first as I have more time and energy at the beginning of marking! It also breaks up the task and I often mark one box in lunch time, one aftre school and I only have one to take home.
    Another colleague does the same but the large pieces of coloured card as dividers in a crate.
    I have never managed to do it for other lessons but that is my aim for this coming year!
  8. Chatterbox1607

    Chatterbox1607 New commenter

    I love the stickers V Marsden has put up in resources...however I want to buy the paper to print them on. What size should i go for? I can not find 3 x 7 in the shops?

  9. goatherd

    goatherd New commenter

    They are set up for A4 stickers, with the layout of 3 rows by 7, or else 21 labels per sheet. One of the most readily available sizes. Try Ebay to get good prices.
    Hope this helps
  10. I do something very similar to this. It is really useful to assign children a number like this for so many things, marking, lining up, pegs in the cloakroom, doing the register quickly.
    When I collect in test papers I stand in the middle of the room and call out numbers in order, children bring me their paper when I say their number (in the MFL language they are learning).
    If I need to do the register quickly, I ask the first person on the register to start and they call out their number in order (usually in the language they are learning). I call out the number of anyone who is missing. It is so much easier this way.
  11. cazzielou

    cazzielou New commenter

    I know this is an old thread but I have just read through it and got loads of great tips, love the magic spot and secret walker ideas, definitely going to use them from September.

    In PE with my year 1 class they find it really hard to listen in such a large area, they get distracted and like to shuffle around the room, and they sometimes forget that they are still in lessons and not at playtime. We have a behaviour chart in the classroom which works well but when you are not in the classroom it is hard to implement it. I have a large sheet of fabric that has 35 pouches that you can get from most educational suppliers, it folds up and is easily portable. I have a picture of one child in each pouch with their name above. I also have a set of yellow cards and a set of red cards which I keep in 2 of the spare pouches. During PE I am the referee and I give them a verbal warning and then if they carry on doing something I have asked them not to I give them a yellow card in their pouch and then a red card if they continue, which means they need to sit out (get sent off) until I say they can come back and start fresh. The children love it as it is like in the football, especially the boys and they are the ones I was having troubles with.

    I love that it is portable so I can take it into the hall or outside into the playground and I just blue-tack it to somewhere that is easily visible. The school have taken it on and use it in all classes, It means that if an outside PE coach is taking the class they can also use it easily.
  12. The "Mission:Impossible" theme music is a good one, too. 3 minutes 30 seconds long, too, so about right.
  13. i have just read this whole thread and loved it x i struggle to imagine a community that is so creative and so kind in sharing as the teaching community! x
  14. The mission impossible remix is a good one to use too. You know, for those cooler kids in class!!
  15. NewJob2010

    NewJob2010 New commenter

    Bumping for another new term x
  16. I have lots of time saving advice, but one that springs to mind is I have written and laminated days of the week and months, all I need to do is write the number (you could also laminate these but I find it takes more time to find them than to write them). You could type these if you wanted but I like my children to see as much actual writing as possible.

  17. warmandfuzzy

    warmandfuzzy New commenter

    This could be done as a 'monitor' job for maybe a LA child?!
  18. Yes, and it would be good for number ecognition for the younger ones, I'd just need to make sure the date wasn't so high up on the board you'd need a chair to reach!
  19. Ooh, and one thing I saw in one school:
    At the end of the year, each class passes a box to the new class teacher for that year group with anything that they might find useful that they have created like laminated name cards, printed lists with their names, cloak room labels etc. Not only does this save time not repeating something which has already been done, it also saves resources which can be better spent in the school. These things would only get thrown away and can be used again.
  20. littlelebowski

    littlelebowski New commenter

    I LOVE all these ideas! Lardylegs, I love your comment about the Pitt sticks!! Can't think of many new things to add (am going to steal loads of these ideas!) I always have a load of photocopied sheets of class names so that I can tick off who has brought in money for a school trip/ completed phonics check etc. I get personalised stickers from here: http://www.largeimpact.co.uk/. They are brill and will put anything on them you want. My parents love the Miss X says I'm a super writer/ Miss X says I'm a maths superstar. I also got 'bumped head' stickers and 'I have a school trip tomorrow.' The date stamp that someone mentioned has been an absolute lifesaver. Learning logs for homework are brill - as someone said, I give them each an A4 book and stick 6 challenges in with the date each one needs to be completed by. The challenges could be: show me what you know about plants/ time/ adjectives etc. The kids LOVE them! Find out what skills parents have - we've had parents in to bring in lambs(!), do cooking, talk about caring for teeth etc - less planning required for those lessons! I use the tray system with the books - need to swap/ haven't read (the 'red' tray is for 'read'!) I have Year 1/2 and I shamelessly use KS2 children if possible for tasks that mine cannot do (e.g. setting up the laptop and screen for my weekly assembly).

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