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A thought for all female English teachers...

Discussion in 'English' started by CarolineEm, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. CarolineEm

    CarolineEm New commenter

    I interpreted this as meaning that you couldn't do as you can at the moment, and enter pupils for the exam but not submit their coursework until later so exam could be resat with highest mark going forward (that "40%" rule). But it's only with the new GCSEs that we've done this - before, we entered yr 11 for the summer exams (Eng & Lit) and submitted their coursework for both in the May of that year.
    Still means you could do English Lang in Year 10 (exam and enter coursework) and Lit in Year 11. Just means that they couldn't resit individual modules. Not sure it stops them from resitting it ALL though - unit 1 (exam) and also resubmitting their unit 2 (S&L) and unit 3 (written controlled assessments) - either exactly as were or with some pieces improved on. More expensive, and not sure what would happen if they did worse the second time around...
    Any thoughts about this interpretation?
  2. mkm

    mkm New commenter

    Hate to say this, but I think you may be right! Blimey!
  3. anteater

    anteater New commenter

    If we all swap to the iGCSE the other courses will die out! If only I could convince our line manager...
  4. If only I could convince my HOD.
  5. Spassky

    Spassky New commenter

    Could be right - the AQA wording is a bit vague... It seems to be designed to stop early entry gaming. Gove has also expressed an interest in going 100% exam so perhaps I read too much into it. Strictly speaking, submitting coursework written in Y10 at the end of Y11 is not really terminal assessment though, but perhaps that's all it means.

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