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A stand against bullying?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by iconoclastic, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. There seems to be a lot of evidence of bullying of teachers by SLT. Is this endemic? It seems that where unions DO take action - they seem to do little except recommend signing a compromise agreement, and while this gets the teacher out of the firing line, it does leave the bully/bullies in place to continue unrestrained. The LAs seem unable or unwilling to do anything. Some posters such as GL are taking legal action on their own. Is there any action that can be taken to fight back against the bullies? So few teachers seem wiling to take on the bullies. Is it not time for action?
  2. It does rather seem that there is no realistic strategy for fighting the bullies. What does that say about our "profession"? And how frequent is this? Is it endemic as the OP suggested?
  3. Xericist

    Xericist New commenter

    I'd say the odds are stacked against anyone who even thinks of fighting back. Against a head misusing his/her power the unions are next to useless dealing with the core problem. So the only route open is to exit asap. I wish it was otherwise.
  4. I agree. Everyone knows who the bullies are in an authority and they get away with it. I really wish it could be different and that the bullies that hurt me could be punished but they continue with their work and agonising over it has proved to be fruitless.You can fight but it costs a lot of energy and is often unsuccessful. Moving on is best, really. BUT all those years of bullying does mean that I am better at standing up for myself and in my new school when someone has tried something I am better at nipping it in the bud. Life isn't fair but I think that I acted properly and I should be proud of that
  5. grrmummy

    grrmummy New commenter

    I think you have hit the nail on the head Vicky - you should be very proud because the bullies may have targetted you but you have retained some degree of control in the situation and because of this the bullies did not win
  6. zenmonkey

    zenmonkey New commenter

    Well done fairydell,
    I was bullied out of my NQT year, went to my union with trepidation turned out it was the third year running that NQTs had contacted the unions over their harsh treatment, this particular head has just lost another unfair dismisall case , this would be the third one. The PE teacher got over £200,000 in compensatrion I do not know about the others but the bill in compensation must be getting on for half
    a million and yet no action taken by the governers! bussiness as usual, I don't believe in Kama

  7. poppythepuppy

    poppythepuppy New commenter

    I live in hope that something other than a CA will be offered. I too am going through a period of bullying SMT. My union say all the right things but then seem very cautious about actually upsetting SMT. Any other profession and we would be in court now. I just hope things change before too many amazing teachers leave the profession.
  8. bullying seems to be a huge topic on this forum all the time. you would think that somebody who could do something about it would know about the hundreds of posts, read at least some of them and then try to tackle the insidious practice endemic in our schools.... from one such bullied, sufferer who found not one place where there was support professionally, despite trying to find some. it is just wrong.
  9. William_M

    William_M New commenter

    And then look what it can do to our mental health..

  10. Must admit I've only skimmed it but there is nothing new there and unless I've missed something it doesn't address bullying.
  11. poppythepuppy

    poppythepuppy New commenter

    I asked my union for help after bullying over my ppa time, I was basically told that - 'Well no one else has complained, if they do, I might have to go to the head with it, but for now just do as you are asked"!!!!!

    Sorry, what am I paying union fees for exactly?
  12. zenmonkey: was this £200k an employment tribunal or high court? That is very interesting.
    Do you have a link to the hearing?
  13. I was told by my union that bullying against an individual was too hard to prove and it needed to be made as a collective response. I then discovered that there had been a collective questionnaire about how unsupported people felt by SMT. This was overwhelmingly negative. When I asked the union to do a confidential survey of the staff they would not reply to it. I have requested this at least three times. The school has all the information provided by the staff, but so far has not published it .It may end up summarised, but this has had such a negative effect on the whole school- on discipline- behaviour- progress. The union has let us all down by failing to examine the problem.

    Unions need to respond to the legal ramifications of bullying and not shy away from it. If they fought one or two high profile cases, it would make most school managers reassess their lax opinion and apply dignity at work policy much more thoroughly and meaningfully.
  14. I was observed without any warning with the worst class in the school (evryone would agree!) it was a deliberate ploy to get me out because of budget cuts and re-form due to a bad ofsted report. almost two years later it is still happening at the school with 'outstanding' teachers'. My career and self esteem has been ruined. I no longer teach. I worked hard to get where I was doing my degree and PGCE whilst working part time and having a family and a home to run. It was all for nothing. I can no longer teach I have been out of it too long-who would want me I have no evidence of being any good?
    time to make a stand-whose with me?

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