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A Sibelius Alternative

Discussion in 'Music' started by shimwell321, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Hello,
    I am currently looking for an alternative to sibelius for the PCs in the music room. We are a middle school and feel that sibelius would be a little complex for the children.
    Do you know of an good aternative software which is a little simpler to use?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
  2. midnightoil

    midnightoil New commenter

    I enjoy using Noteworthy Composer myself (although I generally use Finale, Sibelius not having been around for the PC when I started). Recently I have been toying with signing up classes to Noteflight which I discovered through this forum.

    Ultimately, it depends what you want to achieve. On one lesson of music per week I cannot devote time to having children sitting in front of a monitor - that's not a criticism of you just an explanation as to why I don't use notation software in class except for a couple of specific topics.
  3. bod99

    bod99 New commenter

    Noteworthy is excellent - I recommend it too!
  4. baxterbasics

    baxterbasics Senior commenter

    I have used Notation Composer for many years before concentrating on sibelius and it is very good and has an excellent support network
    download the free trial and you won't be disappointed

  5. midnightoil

    midnightoil New commenter

    I downloaded Notation Composer, Baxter, and I think it is great although I don't want to learn a 3rd system! For the OP it could be worth a go. I like the cursor which shows the beat and subdivisions in the bar, also the speed of entry (although I only used the mouse so I hope there are alternatives). I did crash it once when investigating the layout menu so you'd need to save often to avoid losing work.
    Thanks for the excellent link though.
  6. baxterbasics

    baxterbasics Senior commenter

    You are welcome.
    For the price it's pretty unbeatable and it has one of the best midi facilities of any notation software (eg changing each note's velocity, tempo curves etc).
    I only switched to sibelius when I needed professional looking scores.
  7. stupot101

    stupot101 Established commenter

  8. musiccrescendo

    musiccrescendo New commenter

    Notation 3 fis really good, I use it at home and would have had it in school but they just ordered sibelius 6 before i got the job, this software is great for music readers but guitar pro is really good for non music readers, as it is easier to put tab in than sibelius and produces a better sound as any effects you put in it will play. It even has a range of different guitar pedals you can use on the recording. I would definatley invest in one or two computers to have this on.

    In school they also use audacity and guitarists and drumers just record thier msuic straight in using a mixe and write it fown afterwards, sometimes for very creative indivuals who have lots of ideas and can improvise well this is the best way.

  9. This looks good! My school won't let me buy Sibelius and I can't find a read-only option for showing my existing Sibelius scores on the IWB. I might have to start again with musescore but it looks pretty user-friendly.
  10. PrintMusic

    I've used it lots and it works fine.

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