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a sad moment (for me)

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by bigpedro, May 18, 2011.

  1. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    I've just used some y11 gain time to put away all my electronics gear, Systems and Control will no longer be taught at GCSE so i've just boxed it all up until the subject comes back in a few years.

    Can we all pause for a minute to mark the passing of this subject at my school and my official title change to... "teacher of obsolete and overly complex subject"


  2. Hat off, Eyes lowered.

    Could try Electronic Products????? Or Engineering????? - actually no, after the exam we just had.
  3. Had a similiar problem too, as value added wasn't as high as RM, head decided to axe the subject.
    Trouble is students still want to do it for GCSE!! so went to see the head and proposed doing product design and make mostly electronic products, the course is different and will have to cover other areas and not get as technical (which is ashame) but is better than nothing and he said ok for a trial run..maybe a thought
    Good luck
  4. re

    re New commenter

    After a few years of poor CVA in systems & control then electronics, we are switching to product design, building MP3 docking stations for the CAT. The problem is the exam, in which there is no electronics theory.
    In the past, many students have signed up for electronics because they think it will help them be electricians, and then find the theory side incomprehensible.Others sign up for a new subject as they hate everything else in DT. SMT refuses to recognise these two points, as FFT data is god.

    Although not electrnics trained, I have enjoyed teaching it, and hope to slant projects further that way in future, particularly using Pic chips.
  5. cosybear

    cosybear New commenter

    Yes , I too have just spent a couple of days starting to put all of the electronics gear into long term storage- though if i'm honest i do not think it will ever see the light of day again.
    We used to do AS and A2 electronics this got axed as student numbers went below the 'magic' 15 student threshold
    Then last year the powers that be decided to axe our GCSE systems and control course - CVA , falling numbers etc.
    This seems to be a common pattern in schools and does make me wonder how high tech industry is going to be the 'saviour of the economy'.
    No doubt in a few years time I'll have some dimwit SMT/governor on my case demanding to kinow why we don''t teach electronics because this what industry is demanding

  6. But he wouldn't be a "dimwit" would she/he?
    Without people interested in "High Tech" industry will fail, and when it does.......you know the rest.
    Disappointing that schools are closing down existing courses just as the government is putting 140 million into establishing the new UTCs to provide exactly this sort of education.

  7. AQA's Product Design certainly allows students to produce CATs which could be every bit as complex and technical as Electronic Products or Systems & Control but the exam is very different and would not offer scope to cash in that knowledge in any great detail. The desiging question often allows the opportunity to design a product of that type. This year the theme is Memphis. The rest of the paper is a broader one covering topics such as human factors, manufacturing in quantity, packaging, environmental issues etc.
    If you are considering such a route then it is advisable to attend one of the many training workshops where you will get a DVD of resources for teaching the exam topics (see additional topic on this)
    In fairness, you can also do work of this type through Resistant Materials (AQA) but again, a different type of exam.
  8. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    Hi Brian,
    We're all doing PD as of next year, and it stemmed from a meeting between you and our then HOD about 3 yrs ago, I supported the decision fully and must say that although I'm sad to see Systems go, I'm also relieved that its now a level playing field and I can show SMT that I actually am a good teacher, instead of getting average results because the content is too difficult for the calibre of students I get. Im pretty sure that im one of the last comps doing S&C anyway (maybe you can confirm this)
    I love the PD course and as you say, if anyone is really that bothered about "their subject" then they can skew the CA towards that. The only criticism of the spec is that theres a lot of focus on environmental, social e.t.c. and the kids find this very dull. But at least its simpler than Systems and more challenging than "*** materials" (as my y11 have dubbed it)
    Hope the change works as theres still resistance to if from some of the old sages who are Graphics and RM purists. But its sink or swim now and i feel buoyant! [​IMG]


  9. Pedro
    There shouldn't be! We spend a couple of lessons at the most on this topic and pick it up in passing during the CAT. Worth a handful of marks in the exam. If missed totally from the CAT it is unlikely to affect the mark significantly.

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