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a reward system without prizes?! Any ideas?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by willow216, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I am hoping to have a table points system in my new year 4 class, but don't want to have a prize box. Any ideas of other rewards or benefits that this age group will respond to?
    Thank you!!!
  2. Hi all,

    I am hoping to have a table points system in my new year 4 class, but don't want to have a prize box. Any ideas of other rewards or benefits that this age group will respond to?
    Thank you!!!
  3. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    extra playtime. Or ours like a special table at lunch time with table cloth and squash. Or time to play with toys from KS1.
  4. let them line up first all week, in my experience that's far more effective than a prize box!
  5. have a trophy on the table, or maybe a special stationary box that they only are allowed to use that week, let them be your helpers that week...these things all work wonders! don't know why i ever had a prize box!
  6. Thanks for all these responses everyone - giving me lots of good ideas!!
  7. Time on the class PC?
    Golden time?
  8. Ours like jobs - giving out books, whiteboards, pens.
  9. Thanks everyone - great ideas, Just need to pick one now!! x
  10. Would your year4s be on the same table/group for every lesson? Trying to think of sth similar but doesn't quite work when they're changing groups for nearly every lesson. Any thoughts?
  11. ahhh yes mine will be on the same table all the time (Kagan teams) but that is a problem when they are moving around all the time. Inidividual points may be more appropriate? Unless you could thinkof a system where group points would work?!?

    Sorry I can't be much help!!

    (I have actually seen team points given out for groups in a class where the children moved about. The teacher had a table for each group for each table set up... so one for maths places, one for literacy places etc - but to be honest it was chaotic!!!)

    Perhaps someone else has managed this successfully though...
  12. I am organising my children into table groups which they will stay in all the time apart from Maths where they are set and mixed with the other 2 year 5 classes. I also want to have a table points system. I like the idea of a trophy or something like that on the table, just have to think of what exactly?
    Can I ask how many children you have on each of your tables? I am going to have 6, as this fits the layout of the room best.
  13. Some cushions for the winning team to have on their chairs the following week? That way if they move places for subjects they can move their cushions with them.

    I once had a class for whom there was no reward higher than being allowed to sit in on a breaktime with me and feed my laminating through the machine and cut it out (obviously under strict supervision with me camped firmly by the stop button!). Strange bunch that lot!
  14. Lots of good ideas! It seems that being made to feel special is the key!!
  15. In the past I've used these
    from the party section at tesco or asda, although I'm pretty sure I paid 99p for a pack for 4! The winning table would have a trophy for the week then pass it on.
  16. I've been reading this thread with interest. At the moment I use a prize box and raffle tickets. I'd like to move to something like a trophy or cushions, but the logisitics are a nightmare.
    This year I'll be teaching the whole of KS2, but one of my year groups (still not sure which one the head has chosen but hopefully either Y3 or Y6) will be taken out for literacy and numeracy. I also have uneven table numbers, simply to fit everyone in... so although everyone has a base table, which could be used as their "table points" table, some tables have 8 children, some have 6 and one only has 4...
    Any bright ideas, anyone?!
  17. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    You could have teams rather than tables. Split your class into even teams and they earn points for that team. Then everyone in the winning team gets a certificate or to have a cushion or a sticker or whatever. Doesn't matter where they sit.

    OK a trophy won't work, but you could have a roll of honour on the wall...
  18. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    our PTA gave all classes half a dozen cushions for use during guide reading and other reading times. The winning table each day got the cushions for the sessions until lunch time the following day (as guided reading was usually in the afternoon) This worked really well. With pupils recording the points awarded each day, it becam a very easy to run and virtually cost free method.
    Winning tables also earnt other rewards on a more ad hoc basis. First in line for whatever came up, choose the lunchtime bbc program while they ate their sandwiches (they eat in my class room), extra computer time, extra reading time, etc
  19. I just give out points on a tally chart (easily tweaked) and the winner each week lines up first and sits on a chair during carpet time.

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