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a reluctant move to year 6

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by Sillow, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I'll be in Year 6 next year, too, in my third year of teaching. I am very excited and, as MinnieMinx says, take it as a compliment from my HT!
    It might be worth asking for an unofficial mentor to guide you through; I will have one in the form of someone who will not be teaching Year 6 but has lots of experience, so they will have time to help me if I need it.
  2. I took over a year 6 class as my first NQT post and am now heading back down to year 3. I absolutely love year 6 and the interactions you have with the kids. I find the work challenges me sometimes as well as the kids and you have to really work hard to engage them, more so I would suggest than the younger year groups. And in all honesty, you can have a great laugh with them. Enjoy it.
  3. And with regard to SATS, my old school started revision pretty much straight after Christmas, light revision to begin with then every day towards the end. I have a feeling though that you will hear different answers from different people. The best advice is to go with what works for your kids at the time.
  4. Aladdin2

    Aladdin2 New commenter

    Hi Minnieminx.
    Thanks for responding.
    My subject knowledge is very limited (I feel that I am always one lesson ahead of the children as it is so was looking forward to trying out my planning again next year in the same year group!). My school follows no kind of scheme, the y6 teacher I am replacing wrote on the back of a postage stamp as he had masses of experience so nothing to pass on to me. I have not been supported as an NQT so worry that I'll be left to flounder (ok.. end of rant now!!).
    Do you use ideas from Hamilton or other teacher sites? I really feel in the dark about how to go about things. Is it fair to say that during my first year I should copy what exists (with differentiation) already and as I slide into the role over time, I can adapt to the needs of the children's progress? I have this problem with guilt over using exisintg plans but know that I couldn't possibly do things from scratch at this moment.
  5. Aladdin2

    Aladdin2 New commenter

    Thanks for the reply Steviemac.
    What resources do you use for revision?
  6. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    That is normal...I do as well in many subjects. Don't fuss about it, almost everyone feels the same way.

    Don't feel guilty about using existing plans as a starting point. You would be plain stupid to make your own from scratch for every lesson. Hamilton trust are fine. The standards site is also a good place to look. Download them all quickly before the current government deletes the lot.

    Is there another school nearby you can work with? Friends from uni who are also teaching year 6?
  7. Old SATS papers. Your school probably has copies but they are available to download online as well. Testbase is also good as it allows you to pick the particular type of maths questions you want to use. Again, your school probably already has this. Hamilton Trust are excellent.
  8. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    I completed the final 2 terms of my NQT year in year 6 having taken over from the deputy head so I had big shoes to fill!
    Year 6 is a great year to teach, there is a lot of example planning out there - some great, some absolute rubbish! Testbase is a must. Personally I start my kids off with past papers in September but that's what suits me and my children. It's never a case of they're done, marked and put away never to be seen again - we up level the writing tasks, go over specific maths questions during mental orals and most of my guided reading is done through past papers. A lot of what you will teach will be revision and filling the gaps. I don't think I teach my children much that is "new" from September to May.
    And most of all...enjoy it!
  9. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    Sorry I went straight to replying and only just read the rest of the thread. Don't feel guilty about using what it already there. I have year 6 for the 4th time in September - I will be reusing old plans and old resources where possible with the odd tweak to suit my new class.
  10. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    WOW! That is a bit scary to be honest. And totally unacceptable in my school.

    I would definitely say you should be teaching and children should be learning all year. No question about it.

    Lots of year 6 maths will be new and other parts of it extension of what they already know. Eg they can use a grid to multiply whole numbers and you teach them to multiply decimals.
    I find this really sad. There is a huge range of excellent books out there and it is such a shame that children miss out on fabulous literature because they only do past papers.
  11. Hello there,
    First of all, congratulations on your move.
    Would you like a few exemplar texts?
    For the sake of transparency, I should tell you that I sell packs of 4-5 exemplar texts for each genre. Each text is level 5/6 and aimed at upper KS2. I started making them because I found it very difficult to find complete texts (as opposed to extracts) about interesting topics that were fully key featured.
    Leave an e-mail address and I am happy to send you a few freebies so you can get a hang of levels.

  12. I know how you feel - that was me last year. I accepted a KS2 post for my NQT Year andwhen my contract came it was Y6. I have never felt so panicked.
    Now coming to the end of the year I can honestly say I have loved it. You need to make sure you are really organised and have a range of behaviour strategies to use, as they soon push boundaries - but at the same time you build up a great relationship with them.
    I have found Pie Corbett writing models great and have used Hamilton trust website a sa starting point - especially for the maths and science. Don't be afraid to tell the children on some occassions (mine being science) that you are learning and investigating things with them.
    For Sats I used the Hamilton trust revision materials and Mathsphere for focussed revision - when you use them depends on Easter.
    As others have said believe in yourself, ask for help if needed and mostly enjoy.
  13. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    We're expected to have taught most of the curriclum up to the end of year 5 and use year 6 as consolidation and extension.
    And where did I say we miss out of fabulous literature? We look at a wide range of books throughout literacy and our topic work. We used the text based units from the framework and I regularly read to them (try to squeeze in a least a chapter a day of whatever book we're on)
  14. That's up to you as their teacher to decide. Look at past SATS papers, see what types of questions come up. You need to make sure all the basic skills are in place and then ensure the children are up to speed with "Using & applying." If you do mental maths tests, perhaps weekly, maybe the Andrew Brodie books, then you will be able to see what questions are causing problems and you can concentrate on those areas. I have found from experience that if you plan to follow the units all the way through, you will not have time to do everything contained in them and fit revision in.
  15. Aladdin2

    Aladdin2 New commenter

    ...so use the SATS as a main guide?
  16. If the end result is going to be good SATS results, then yes However that's going to depend on a few things, namely how performance driven your school is (whose isn't?) and whether or not SATS are going to continue at all. I think that whatever way you assess your children on the run up to next Easter time, you will find it pretty obvious what you need to cover more of and what you can perhaps not look at in quite so much depth.
  17. Aladdin2

    Aladdin2 New commenter

    thank you.
  18. dav1970

    dav1970 New commenter

    The same has happened to me! Well, I'm finishing my NQT year in Year 5 and moving to another school as Year 6! I can't wait though, it's where I saw myself being in 2-3 years and where I want to be.
    Best of luck and stay in touch - we could share good resource!

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