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A regal college in Madrid

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by purplearse, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Been offered a job in Jan at a British college in Madrid from the King group. Any advice from anyone about cost of living and cost of accommodation in Madrid? How would an American fit in?
  2. miketribe

    miketribe Established commenter

    As a Brit working at and American school in Madrid, I've fitted in OK. I suppose it depends on what you'll be teaching to whom... The English National Curriculum -- which I believe they more or less follow at that school -- is much more prescriptive than you will have been used to, and the system of external examinations in the high school -- IGCSE followed by A Levels -- is much more demanding than anything in a US high school. There are also differences in the way math and science is approached. However, any good teacher with sound subject knowledge shouldn't have any trouble.
    Madrid has become a more and more expensive city over the past few years, especially if you plan to live near the school you mentioned. Many of the teachers here at the American school complain about how difficult it is to manage even though our pay rates are higher and we even pay a housing allowance to new teachers... This is certainly something you would be well advised to ask about. You may find that the only way you can afford to rent anything halfway decent is by sharing an apartment. This is OK if you're young, but...
    While other expenses are marginally less expensive than England -- especially fruit and veg and booze -- if you're coming from the States, you'll find everything expensive....
  3. Thanks - not too worried about the teaching, I teach in a British school here in the Middle East. More concerned with living. What is a decent salary in Spain? Here I get free flights, accomm, health cover and equivalent of 2500 euro a month to spend. No tax. Gas is 8 cents a litre. Dont expect the same luxuries but I want to be able to eat out and enjoy life - and I dont want to share my living space.
  4. You are about to downsize.......I was also going to say something like 'but at least the sun shines'.....but given your current location I guess thats no big deal......
    Rude question: What will you be earning before tax?
  5. miketribe

    miketribe Established commenter

    I think "downsizing" would be a rather mild way of putting it! Here, you should get your flights, but you won't get <u>any</u> of the rest. spanish tax rates for teachers' salaries are usually around 25-28%. I'd be very surprised indeed if you earned 2000 euros a month before tax, btu you know what they're offering...
  6. Can you live on 1800 euros before tax? Any other 'hidden' off-takes?
  7. you can live on 1400 if you pay 500-600 for rent

    1800 before TAX should allow you to save about 300-400 a month
  8. Wow!
    Lets do some sums......
    1800 minus 25% deducted to pay income tax and social security = 1350.
    My mate pays 650 euros per month for a 60 sq. metre studio north of Madrid city centre....though our younger female teachers share a small but comfortable 3 bedroomed apartment each paying 350 euros per month.
    So they would have 700 or 1000 euros per month disposable income respectively.....if they earned 1800 euros a month before tax.....which they don't.....
    Then there are the bills, transport, clothing and food, say a conservative 200 euros per month.
    Suffice to say, I personally know of no-one in Madrid saving 3 to 4 hundred euros per month on the strength of their basic salary.......though I do know of people possibly able to save because they give private classes four or five times a week.........but they don't save....they help fund Madrid's late night entertainments scene......and they travel.....

  9. lived in MAdrid 2 years ago. Got about 1450 NET per month. Paid 399 for a room in a shared (1 other) apartment in a great area.

    After food costs, internet, travel and social I would be left with about 400 a month for travel and savings.
    I knew many others saving around 300-500 a month on a similar salary.
  10. Jeeeez, hoblos, you and your mates must be the management of Brit school in Spain's recruitment dream........please stop typing that you were paid well!.......the owners and SMT in Madrid find loads of reasons to pay us poorly without being able to quote that one might save 400 euros a month when paid 1450 net.......
    At least tell us you lived frugally........that you only went out once a month.......to the cinema.....and you walked there and back.......and nicked your popcorn....
  11. pay was **** that's why I left.
    most teachers in MAdrid make 1400-1800 NET and certainly single people can save 400 on this salary unless they are out every night spending hundreds a week on food and drink.
    Of course if you choose to live alone and pay 600+ for accommodation you are gonna be very poor that's for sure.
    In Spain your accommodation is just for night time and all you need is a comfy small room and a wee place to cook. Most people are outside enjoying a cheap 'cana' with tapas thrown in for free after work as you probably know.

  12. A bit more.
    Most teachers in public state schools make a minimum wage of 2357 (secondary) and 2067 (primary) NET, (plus 2 more extra pays each year called 'pagas extraordinarias' in December and June) Therefore a secondary teacher at the very botton of the pay scale , makes a minimum of 2759 NET a year, 2411NET if you are a primary teacher.Not mention they work at least 30 days less a year than a teacher in the Uk for instance.
    With regards accomodation, in my opinion It does not make any difference with London for instance.How many teachers ,let's say in Pay scale 3-4 can save more than &pound;500 a month after paying a 1 bedroom flat in South Kensigton?
    Agree salary is **** at international and private schools, but most of the teachers who work in Madrid do not work in the private sector.
  13. 2411 net a month as a minimum for primary state teachers is heavily exaggerated. My spanish wife is funcionaria and her salary, given her two trienios which are extra pay for having at least six years of experience let her end up with almost 1600 euros a month net. The range for primary is more or less between 1500-2200 a month net in primary depending on experience. Public state teachers don't do that much better really.
  14. Sorry , I meant BEFORE TAX, amended now.

  15. Well, 1600 euros + 2 'pagas extraordinarias' I guess.That would be + 3200 euros more each year, 1866 each month.
    Even so,a classroom teacher at the very botton of the pay scale , with no experience make a minimun of 1600 NET a month (+2 'pagas extraordinarias) even in his/her induction year.I do not know any teacher who make 1500 to be honest even with no experience, and I Know a few.
    Madrid state schools pay scales
    However, 1866 a month it is far for being **** pay in MAdrid in my opinion.And you can make a decent living in Madrid.
  16. Purplearse, did you accept the job at King's? I've been offered a job there too, any chance you could give me the lowdown, what's it like working there, which site were you at, what was pay like etc?

    Thanks :)
  17. Dax


    "Gas" (presumably petrol) 8 Cents a litre? Shurely shome mishtake? That's cheaper than Saudi!

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