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A real nightmare!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by aminatafatou, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Last year, I was on the MFL PGCE training at Bath Spa uni , and it was a real nightmare! I had no support, I was sent very far away from home in a dull, remote town.Pupils were lazy and not interested in languages. The tutor was mean, arrogant and rude .he only thinks about his reputation !I cried every evening! Some trainees left the course before the second placement, other are traumatized and don't want to teach anymore!
    Please, don't go there, because you will learn nothing and experienced hard times!
  2. Hi aminatafatou
    I'm sorry you had such a rough time, but I have to agree with the other posts. Any grievances you have should be taken up with your University. You are also not helping yourself by openly putting the University's name on this forum - please be careful. Posts like this can come back to haunt you!
    Please also spare a thought for others who are embarking on their teaching careers this September. There are a lot of anxious people out there wondering what their course is going to be like and your post won't have helped!
    To anyone reading my post, I would say that aminatafatou's comments are not true for the vast majority of trainees, so please don't be put off by this. Yes, the year will be tough, and yes, you'll want to pull your hair out, but you WILL learn lots! My tutor warned me that lesson observations would be tough, but to take the criticism well and learn from it.

  3. katnoodle

    katnoodle New commenter

    The PGCE MFL course at Bath Spa seems to generate posts like this
    every year and I suspect it's the same small group of people who write
    them. I'm not suggesting that people haven't had bad experiences on this
    particular course, but as previous posters have said, writing posts like
    this is hardly helpful to anyone: you need to address your concerns to
    the university and possibly the TDA.
    As for the comments about the schools trainees were sent to, I'm not sure what you would expect Bath Spa as the training provider to do about them. Unfortunately there are schools with the problems you describe but they're in the minority - many schools are fantastic, it's just a matter of where you're placed. Again the university has very little control over this as it's so hard to find any school willing to train students in the first place.
    Suzanathema I really wouldn't be worried, the Secondary English PGCE at Bath Spa is very highly regarded and the tutor is fantastic; I've known lots of people who trained on that course and loved it.
  4. I don't think it's the same group of people who wrote those messages. I also studied at Bath Spa three years ago and I heard awful testimonies about the MFL PGCE , some trainees were really upset about the tutor.You can even read negative comments on sites like whatuni.com. As for the other subjects, I heard lots of good things , particularly ,the English PGCE training.
  5. Goat2

    Goat2 New commenter

    Sadly I too am of the opinion that the posts come from the same individuals with an axe to grind against the tutor.
    So how many trainees happily complete the MFL course, surely that's a better judgement.
    Have searched for Bath Spa on OfSTED and they got graded 1 -Outstanding in both secondary and primary training a couple of months ago. Cannot be all that bad then.
  6. I did my PGCE English (albeit Middle Years) at Bath Spa a few years ago. Lorna is great! Culverhay is a bit out of the way, but it wasn't really much of an issue. It tends to be quiet and rather deserted, so you can get on with work, if you need to.
    There can always be issues with lecturers and tutors, no matter where you are. I had issues with one of my Spanish lecturers during my degree, because she was a cow. Didn't stop me from getting my degree (quite happily focused on English Linguistics and History, though).


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