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A rather odd coincidence.....

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon4561, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Oh, this was weird!

    I met a neighbour tonight at a local party, who, hearing my Scottish accent, (posting this from Oz, for those of you who don't 'know' me ) asked me if I knew the band "The Bluebells" ... you know the ones that had the No. ! hit [*8] Young at Heart [:8??]

    He assumed that since I'm from Scotland I'd have known the song, and he was rather proud that one of them had moved to Oz, and that they had been best friends, and are still in touch.

    He was rather gobsmacked when I told him, that not only did I know the song, but that I'd met the McCluskey Brothers, (aka The Bluebells ) as they'd (very nicely) asked if they could join in on one of my traditional music sessions that I was running in Glasgow/ At the time, I didn't know that they were famous and it was only the next day at band rehearsal, that I mentioned that the McClusky Brothers had turned up at my session, and found out that they were also 'The Bluebells

    I told neighbour that I still have a programme from when the McCluskey's and my band appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. so maybe I could get in touch with them again..... But just weird!!!!!!

    Also found out tonight that the house/farm that we moved into in November was owned previously, (before the owners that we bought it from) by a mother and daughter who appeared on Big Brother! They appeared on BB as two separate individuals, and nobody else knew

    Sorry.... just back from party, had a few drinks, am a bit.....gobsmacked!

    Anyone else had weird coincidences?
  2. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    Ooo when did you appear at The Fringe? I was there in 1986 - holds great (and sad) memories for me and my daughter.
  3. Oh f e c k ! I can't remember. I came to Oz in 1994 , so it must have been 1991-1993?
  4. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    Very interesting Annie - strange things do happen.
    My son's mother-in-law attended the same school that I used to teach at when we lived in Dumfies and Galloway. She has since moved to Edinburgh (where d-i-l was born) and we moved down to the south-east where son was born. (They met at Edinburgh Uni.) Strange how these coincidences happen!
    Thinking about Edinburgh and The Festival - I'm off to stay with my son in August, so hoping to get to see something - don't know what - but it will lovely to be in the city during festival time. We normally stay away because of hotel prices etc. but I'm on my own for this trip and don't have to book a hotel.
  5. Not sure of your tastes, marlin, but we've seen this gentleman live and he is incredible. Highly recommended - intelligent, thought provoking comedy. He's playing The Pleasance from 01 to 23 August and only £13 a ticket!
  6. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    Yes, he is funny - have seen him on the TV. Thanks for the tip! [​IMG]
  7. missmunchie

    missmunchie Occasional commenter

    When my best friend went to Oz she bumped into a woman in a bar and they started chatting. It turned out the woman was a former girlfriend of her dad. They discovered this because of my friend's unusual surname.
    When I went to University in Aberdeen I shared a flat with two girls from a nearby town. The father of one of the girls had dated my aunt.
    I was in Edinburgh one hogmany staying with my boyfriend at his brother's flat. I heard knocking at the door at about two in the morning and opened it to find ten people I went to school with. Some of them I had known since primary school, although we were in different social groups during secondary school. If my boyfriend had answered the door he would not have recognised them.
  8. Oh, I love coincidences and these are great!

    I've posted this before, but when I first arrived in Oz 18 years ago, I was standing outside the supermarket, and this woman came up and said "Didn't I see you play accordion on a Scottish island a few months ago?'

  9. I met my ex in Devon, where he was living- I was there on holiday from Wales.His parents and mine live in the same town in Lincolnsire - and when he was in the sixth form, my mum worked as PA for his headmaster
    Last year, I went to a small festival. I had been talking to my daughter the previous week about her dissertation research, and told her of somebody I had not seen for 18 years, who could be really helpful - he was in front of us in the queue at the gate!
    When my son was born, I gave him an unusual Scottish name which I had found in a novel; then discovered that my late grandmother's brother, who had died of alcoholism(and probably PTS)after WW1 had the same name. He had never been spoken about, as everyone wa ashamed of him
    My sister in Australia turned on her tv - and saw an interview with my neighbour!
    these coincidences happen a lot
  10. missmunchie

    missmunchie Occasional commenter

    I have another one!
    Although I am Scottish I moved to Spain when I was 25. I went to Malaga Children's Hospital to have my first baby over 9 years ago. In the waiting room there was a calendar on the doctor's desk. It was one of those flip type ones. The picture for December 2002 was a photograph of Crathes castle in winter. This castle is very close to the town where my family is from and where I grew up. I really regret that I did not take the calendar or at least that page!
  11. On my first day at university in the late 80s I met a girl who it turned out was the daughter of my parents' best friends from (a different) university in 1963. We were doing different subjects at different colleges and met only because we were both buying a potted plant from a market stall and our mothers recognised each other (well actually her mother saw me - and I was the spit of my mum at 19!)

  12. digit

    digit New commenter

    One of my teaching posts found me working alongside someone who was a teacher at my primary school 30 years before.
    It was very strange to work with them and call them by their first name.
  13. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    Most recently (welll, 2 weeks ago) was finishing dinner in a lovely restaurant in Juan Les Pins, sth of France and a young(ish) couple sat on the next table. Hearing they were English I struck up a conversation with them. It turns out not only were they from my home town where I lived in/around until I moved in with Mr Belle 3 years ago, but I actually taught the lady at school in the 1990s. How bizarre is that?
  14. My husband and I once visited his friend in San Francisco. Whilst we were there the friend celebrated his birthday and invited a few of his friends round. I was chatting to a man who asked me where I was from. Assuming he was American, I replied that I was English (He had developed quite an accent). He asked for futher clarification and I explained that I was from Cornwall, but it wasn't a touristy place and hardly anybody knew it. He then then told me that he might know it because he was from... and then went on to name the town that I come from.
    It was then that I realised that I was chatting to the former boyfriend of one of my old school friends!!
    He was the husband of my husband's friend's girlfriend's friend. (And if you can understand that you deserve a medal[​IMG])
  15. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    I was playing in a concert at Winsdor Castle today and was spotted by a child that I teach. Windsor is a good way from where we both live. Not such a big coincidence as some of the others on here, but still a coincidence!
  16. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    I went to a Splash and Slide in Portugal when on holiday with my family. Was queuing up to get drinks in my swimming costume when I noticed a boy from my class (that I'd had that year) in the queue behind me! Just had to smile and make conversation with his mum who was standing with him - but felt very uncomfortable [​IMG]
  17. kazzmaniandevil

    kazzmaniandevil New commenter

    Few years back my husband and I went to his work night out. Whilst chatting to his work colleagues, I found out that they had known my late father and had proudly announced that if it wasn't for his work at the youth centre most of them would have got into drugs or worse. Quite bizzare and unreal.
  18. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    But so lovely to hear! [​IMG]

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