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A Rainbow for Mister Gove : Campaign and BIG DRAW Event October 2011

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by artcrisis, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    http://www.artcrimes.org.uk/blog/71/a-rainbow-for-mister-gove please do support this campaign/project.
  2. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    If you care about art craft design education, follow this
  3. pinnylady

    pinnylady New commenter

    I love it! just wish there was a webcam to see his face when the rainbow of paper buries him!
  4. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    Me too!
    Please do support this yourself and pass on to MANY others!
  5. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    Please generate support for this project, we need one thousand art teachers!!!!
  6. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    We have almost a thousand teachers involved? Will you join us?

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