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A positive post!!!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by donna1107, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Im really aware that every time i look at this thread its full of negative posts, from people struggling with their NQT year. I can remember before September, everyone so excited, coming together to share ideas etc.
    I just want to reach out to new NQT's about to start their year in September. It's not all bad!!!
    I've got a lovely supportive mentor, and school. Yes it's hard work, yes there's so much uni doesnt prepare you for, but you have to expect that!!!! Teaching is tiring, but its also absolutely fantastic!!! There are times where i would give anything to swap classes for the day, today being one of those where i'd just had enough, but I would never change my career for anything.
    Just wanted there to be a positive comment on here for once!!!!
  2. Hi
    Just to back donna's post that there are lots of positive stories out there. I am loving my NQT year and can't believe I am finally doing something I enjoy. I have plenty of jobs that although nine to five, were dull and uncreative and I hated doing, so I remind myself of this when it all gets a bit much.
    It can take over your life, but if you are at a supportive school (I am in a large school so share planning with the other Year 2 teacher which helps massively and our SLT don't scrutinise too heavily) you get smarter at working and more of a work life balance. Having stressed over my APP levels I have finally uploaded them and am having a weekend off, which I feel is a real must now and again to keep it all in perspective. I do have an OH and young children and it is this that has made me have time that is not to do with school. I don't work on Sundays and we make an effort to do something together. I think having this kind of break in the week helps. I do appreciate that some are not in supportive schools and can understand how awful it must be too, but it is good to see a balance that there are good experiences too.
  3. Thanks singup for your post. I have a place on a PGCE and have young children as well - and after reading this board a bit I was starting to feel a little concerned about the NQT year and how I would cope. I feel better now. I am a governor at a school and also work there at lunchtimes and would also like to add that there is no way that the Head or any other member of staff would ever treat an NQT the way that some on here have been treated.
  4. Started on two term maternity contract have now been given permanent contract teaching science at a secondary school. Run the science club and generally enjoying my NQT year teaching.
  5. all the negative stories on here shouldn't put you off if you want to teach - I think most people have good experiences of their NQT - the nature of this forum is such however that people come on here when they have a question or an issue or a problem, not so much when they want to tell everyone how happy they are..so don't let it put you off :eek:)

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