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A Place in the Fourth Dimension

Discussion in 'Personal' started by doomzebra, May 6, 2010.

  1. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    I'll have a bacon sarnie with brown sauce and a large G&T thanks!
  2. Well it's late afternoon here. I'm having a very large choc cake and a matching sized brandy (medicinal you understand.)
  3. I've been to see another school today, after being comprehensively dumped on in my current establishment. It was interesting.

    Can I see myself working there? Yes.
    Do I want to drive the 40 miles each way to get there? Not really, but I'm so desperate to get out of this dump that it's worth it.
    Have I got my fingers, toes and everything else crossed for getting shortlisted? YES - will you join me please?!

  4. doomzebra

    doomzebra Occasional commenter

    I have a vast variety of bits crossed for you TTL - I too am in the "search for a job because my current situation has been made untenable" scenario
  5. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    I'll cross various parts of my anatomy for the two of you!
    I've not got much else to do....
    ...all my packing is almost done ready for a friend to move me to my temporary accommodation tomorrow - only to get a call saying he can't get the van until Sunday! So I'm sitting here with no heating and no hot water....thankfully I have cold water and a kettle for washing and cups of tea!....and my TV and laptop for company....and a darned good excuse to have takeaway food!
  6. Sounds OK for a coupla days.
    Good luck.
  7. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    It'll be fine....
    miles better than the last time I moved!
  8. I know you are moving to ground floor accommodation, Beth, which will be better for you, but are you a bit wistful about leaving this flat?
    I always remember your joy about getting out of the grotty bedsit and having a sea view from your kitchen window [​IMG]
  9. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Yes, I'll really miss the sea-view!
    But there isn't much point in moaning about the loss of it.
    A ground floor flat will be a blessing. And as you know, I'm hoping for a bit of garden - or at least a decent sized patio!
    Anything is better than that awful bedsit!
    My main gripes at the moment are that this is going to be a temporary move. I want to be given my own place and move there NOW!
  10. Yes, look at the positives.
    I'd quite like a slightly larger flat but I would be hard put to leave this one as I have the Rhine right outside my window. I love sitting on the balcony and watching the boats chug by.

  11. Crystalsecrets

    Crystalsecrets New commenter

    Me three, i've had enough.

    I am still liking the thought of opening our own school. how cool would that be! we could have Llamas and everything!

    Afternoon all, Bethannie i hope the permanent move happens soon and you can soon settle in a new place.
  12. Hey DZ - good luck to you too. It's bl**dy miserable, isn't it?
    A friend and I used to play Fantasy Staffrooms - like Fantasy Football but with less group sex and higher IQs - from chatting with you on here and noticing your posts on other threads I think you'd be in mine - you sound like a smashing bloke with his head screwed on who can do well by kids and staff.
    What role would you like?
  13. doomzebra

    doomzebra Occasional commenter

    I'd like to be assistant head with special responsibility for the 6th form and vocational stuff and biscuits
  14. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    I don't work these days, but if the fantasy school has a farm I'd love to look after a couple of goats!....and I'd bring all the teachers home-baked German cakes at least once a week!
  15. Crystalsecrets

    Crystalsecrets New commenter

    I'm good at laminating and changing nappies :)

    I'd also like to taste Bethannies German cakes, maybe you could teach the kids to make them.
  16. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I insist on a couple of retired donkeys - if, as a newbie to this thread, I'm entitled to insist on anything.
  17. doomzebra

    doomzebra Occasional commenter

  18. Honey Loop

    Honey Loop New commenter

    I'd be responsible for confiscation issues. Phones, knives, toffee, toffee scissors (I have a new pair!)
    The usual stuff. Oooh stuff. I'd have to confiscate stuff, too. T'would be my civic duty
  19. Right - I think this is going to have to be one of those 3-19 schools, as we have such a range.

    Starters, then
    • DZ - Assistant Head (VI form, Vocational Education and Biscuits)
    • Bethannie - Healthy Schools (all that digging and fresh vegatables, not to mention the cake)
    • Inky - the Governors (you did say retired donkeys, didn't you? [​IMG])
    • Honey - whole school discipline (including confiscation issues)
    • Crystal - early years and laminating
    I shall, of course, retain responsibility for staffing and the Curriculum (as this particular one is my Fantasy Staffroom!) Children will be taught sensible stuff (English, Maths, Science); and useful stuff (Languages, cooking, how to be a productive and useful member of society); and interesting-for-the-sake-of-it stuff (History, Geography, drama, music). They will take sensible qualifications at a time that suits them (GCSE Maths at age 9? Certainly if you're ready. Need to wait until you're 19 'cos you just don't get it? No problem - that's what we're here for...)

    Hmmm - this is really starting to come together.....Who else can we add?

  20. ooooh - and Brian Cox will be Head of Science.....

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