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Discussion in 'Assessment' started by Candy_Flo55, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. I'd also like a copy of the APP Leaflet. Thanks
  2. I'd also like a copy of the leaflet. Thanks.
  3. I too would very much appreciate a copy, if at all possible:


    thanks in anticipation!
  4. MissLindop

    MissLindop New commenter

    I'd really appreciate a copy of the leaflet if possible.

    Thank you so much in advance.


  5. Hi Julia
    All of this not putting it into child friendly/teacher friendly is new to me, we have been working quite hard to make it all understandable. Would love a copy of your leaflet if I may.
  6. hello, just reading your message. I would be really grateful if you would be able to forward one to me if pos? nqt so anything would be great- thanks! kerrieevans2002@yahoo.co.uk Thanks in advance
  7. We are ignoring APP at present but the pressure is on to go that way. I welcome a useful way of improving our tracking and leveling, but looking at APP for literacy is distressing as the comments are so difficult to understand.
    I would love a copy of your leaflet if you are still able to share.
    Many thanks for your generosity.[​IMG]
  8. Hi
    Sorry for late response - if it is not too late could I also have a copy of the APP leaflet - been trying to get my head around it all.



  9. in my school and authority , most schools have adapted the statements for students for en 1 , 2 and 3 and i am just about to start slimming down sow so they address afs specifically and can be levelled against as part of app . i think you have to take the idea and make it work in your school .
  10. mrsdoubtfire80

    mrsdoubtfire80 New commenter

    Coud I have a copy of the leaflet too please?
    e mail lauraeaglen@hotmail.com

    Also, has anyone got a sample marking policy? Has anyone has Ofsted recently, what did they say about marking? We were previously criticised in an inspection for lack of geedback to pupils. How can we tackle this?

  11. Would very much appreciate a copy too
    My email address is:

    Many thanks in advance,
  12. dontdoit007

    dontdoit007 New commenter

    Hi Julia
    If it is not too late, may I also jump on the me too band wagon!!
    Thanks in advance
  13. If I understand this correctly, what you are doing is adapting the teaching and learning to match the assessment - isn't this just teaching to the test in disguise? Teaching to APP?
    Not your fault at all given the pressure to adopt APP or similar, and this approach is commonplace. But surely assessment is meant to be the servant of teaching and learning, not its master.

  14. dibbles00

    dibbles00 New commenter

    May I have a copy too please?

    Dibbles00@hotmail dot com
  15. I wouldn't bet on it! The National Strategies, the driving force behind APP, will soon be abolished and the Expert Group on assessment recently advocated national sampling tests at Key Stage 3. And both Labour and Conservatives talk about greater school autonomy.

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