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Discussion in 'Assessment' started by Candy_Flo55, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Could I get a copy of the leaflet as well please?

    Much appreciated

  2. APP is potentially a real nightmare for teachers.
    Kevin Courtney from camden NUT has done some really good work on it.
    Read what he has to say here http://www.kevin4dgs.com/blog-1/questionsraisedaboutapp-adoptthecamdendeclaration
  3. If it's still available could I take a look? at your leaflet. We haven't got APP just yet and I feel very 'out of it' having just come back from maternity leave - I feel like they've changed the rules of the game and nobody's told me!! ahh!

  4. I would love a copy of your leaflet if it is still available?

    Many thanks in advance.
  5. Me too if possible. Thanks lisa214@talktalk.net
  6. likegoodwine

    likegoodwine New commenter

    Hi 4444 Ithink the angel stuff looks good. was wondering whether you know if they are doing a reading one of the assessment angel?
  7. likegoodwine

    likegoodwine New commenter

    Hi Julia
    I was wondering whether your leaflet is in the resources section? If not please could I have a copy if possible. Thanks so much.

  8. Hi Julia
    I was wondering if it is still possible to get a copy of your leaflet please?

  9. YES, jillytoo. I have. See my 10/10/2009 post to teechar in the APP-Compulsory? thread for my comments and some links to origins of APP.
    All the best,
  10. Hi Julia,
    you may be interested to my post to teechar 11/10/2009 in the APP - COMPULSORY ? thread.

    all the best,
  11. Lauren1

    Lauren1 New commenter

    Hello Judith,
    Would the offer of sending your leaflet still stand? I'd appreciate a copy hugely as am trying APP for the first time with primary.
    Many thanks
  12. The Devon Tracker uses APP child speak targets - www.schoolpupiltracker.co.uk we use it and its excellent
  13. I have been struggling with APP. I would be very grateful Judith, if you could send me a copy of your leaflet for teachers.
    my email address is

  14. please send me one too

  15. TES_Community

    TES_Community Administrator

    Thanks for your contribution to our forums.
    We do not recommend members posting their email addresses in public forums as set out in our safety advice. Better to download the resource from the resource area or PM the OP (click the username).
    If you have resources to share, to save time emailing individuals, you could upload your resource and make it available to a larger number of teachers who would benefit
    You can do this from this page:
    Best wishes
  16. As 2nd in English I am implementing APP in KS3 English.
    Please could I have a copy of the leaflet.
    I am katangu@yahoo.com
    Thankyou in anticipation!
  17. Work in a special school and we are looking at APP in English at KS3 to start off with (not sure how it will fit in here) and would really appreciate a copy of the leaflet if still available.
    I have been asked to make a presentation to staff about APP so if anyone has anything that might help I would be eternally grateful!!

    Thanks in advance

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