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Discussion in 'Assessment' started by Candy_Flo55, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Julia
    I would really appreciate a copy if it is not too late.
    Many thanks!
    My email is: calitz1@hotmail.co.uk
  2. Please could you send me a copy of your APP leaflet? My new school is implementing it in Sept so would be v. useful. lizziebrewin@yahoo.com Thank you.
  3. We really should use it to tyr and re-assert our professional judgement and at the very least we need to ensure it isn't the source of another mountain of work.Our union's should work together to get this absolute minimum.
    Kevin Courtney is standing for the number 2 job in the NUT. He talks a lot of sense including on APP. Read what he says here: http://www.kevin4dgs.com/blog-1 .
  4. would also love to see a copy please

  5. mabbi

    mabbi New commenter

    When I first looked at the APP materials I decided to ignore them on the basis that most new things in education go one way or the other: they disappear because they are ridiculous or unworkable, or they come back better and more manageable than before.
    This hasn't happened with APP, it has stayed in a format where it could be unworkable and I agree with a lot of the comments made on here.
    However, we have found a way of using it that we feel is satisfactory. We use one of the APP assessments as summative assessment, because that's what they really are, in either reading or writing on a termly basis. These are really good at identify whether progress has been made in certain AFs or not. Our teaching during lessons and our homeworks are directed to one particular AF. Obviously, we cover more than one AF per lesson but in terms of marking homework we agree on a particular AF and mark to that only. We would already have to have marked the homework so no extra work there and, in fact, you can set smaller, shorter, more focussed tasks so in many ways less marking.
    We also keep one folder per pupil in which we are beginning to store these APP tasks as additional evidence besides our book marking for our judgements. Marking in English has never been manageable and this isn't too bad a way of avoiding crazy paper mountains.
  6. I know its a while since the leaflets were mentioned, but if you're still sending them out I'd really apprieciate a copy. Thanks

  7. Oh yes please Julia. I would like a copy of your leaflet please. My email is veb13274@yahoo.com
    Thanks for sharing as it all looks like a nightmere and more work.
  8. Yes please. I would love to have a copy. My email is:
    Thank you sooooo much!

    Angel Delight x
  9. Please may I have a copy of the leaflet too - I was told yesterday I am to take over assessment and am rather terrified!!
    Many thanks
  10. dontdoit007

    dontdoit007 New commenter

    May I please have copy of leaflet - mummmy1995 at yahoo dot co dot uk.
    Thanks in advance
  11. Could i also have a copy of the simple leaflet you mentioned?
    many thanks,
  12. Hi Julia,
    Hope I'm not too late but could I possibly have a copy of yout leaflet.
    Thanks in advance
  13. Our school is using Assessment Angel for APP it looks like a fantastic resource as it simplifies the whole process it takes less than 4minutes for me to get an accurate level for a child. The head is asking us to use it to assess every child and it is ok with this.
    There is a free demo on the link below:
  14. <font size="2">Our school is using Assessment Angel for APP writing it looks like a fantastic resource as it simplifies the whole process and gives examples to support. It takes less than 4minutes for me to get an accurate level for a child. The head is asking us to use it to assess every child and it is easy to do with this.</font><font size="2"> </font><font size="2">Give it a try</font><font size="2"> </font><font size="2">There is a free demo on the link below:</font>www.lightningeducation.com

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