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Discussion in 'Assessment' started by Candy_Flo55, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. bedingfield

    bedingfield New commenter

    May I have a leaflet too?
    We are just starting to use APP for reading and Maths and will be starting writing next year so would appreciate some advice.
    Many thanks

  2. please could I also have a copy of the leaflet sent to me, thanks,
  3. APP causing lots of headaches in our place too - please could I have a copy??

    Thanks x
  4. Hi

    Im a head in york and have been using a piece of software to complete APP. It mirrors the original version of the paper based material but also allows you to print out targets onto sticky labels for the children. These are fully editable child friendly versions which means you can still assess against the APP guideance but make it more meaningful to the child! Lso has a really simply analysis section as well!

    Goes from Level 1 - 6 too which is great for the A, G and T children!

    It's well worth a look, we found it by typing into google 'apptracker' and it came up as a link on the right of the page. Should still be there!

    All the best

  5. Thank goodness! I thought for a second you were being serious!
    From my experience, I have used reading and writing APP in my TA and actually find it quite helpful as a guide. I think most of the misgivings come from it being used as a tick-box checklist system (which sounds like the experience of many posters) - but this is not the way it's been implemented in my school. Agreed, like this it is a big workload and - moreover - unnecessary. I assess reading and writing with a good idea of the level of the child. The APP evidence just supports this and I don't see the point of slavishly going through every statement collected several bits of evidence for each individual point. More to the point, I'm simply not going to do this. I'll collect enough evidence to justify my point - no more.
    Saying this, I have recently been introduced to the Maths APP. This needs slimming down in a big way and doesn't seem workable.

  6. I have just found out i am going to be assessment co-ordinator for next year, which means i have to bring in APP as we've not started using it yet, am more than a little bit nervous, so if at all possible could i also have a copy of your leaflet? Thanks in hope :)
  7. Forget the leaflet....try this...
    We have been using APPTracker for a while now - it's APP but electronic - it sets targets for children and you can see exactly which children need what AF's or bullet points so you can you plug the gaps....exactly what APP was designed to do in the first place....but this way there's no paperwork!
    www.iccomeducational.com - download a trial version
    Good luck
  8. If you are still happy to share this after being inundated with requests - would be grateful for a copy:
    Many thanks in advance!
  9. Could I have a copy of teh booklet too please?
  10. Apologies on the mistake in the first message. Can I have a copy of the booklet too please?
    email - npantling@hotmail.com
  11. You are supposed to only look at evidence once a term not use it as a daily assessment tool.
    Children have to show they can confidently complete criteria on more than one occasion to show they have really understood it.
  12. Moisy

    Moisy New commenter

  13. Could I get a copy too please x

  14. me too please,thank you

  15. I too would be grateful

    thanks again
  16. The leaflet for teachers would be much appreciated.


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