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Discussion in 'Assessment' started by Candy_Flo55, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Hi
    As KS3 co-ordinator, could I possibly have a copy of your leaflet. I have to get my head around this as part of my Performance Management objectives!!!
    Thanks in advance

  2. There is no way that anyone should be asked to do APP highlighting for every child they teach - it would take forever! The idea as I understand it is that you do it in great detail for 3 children - one middly, one lower (but not SEN), and one just below your most able, so in Year 4 possibly a 2b, 3b, 4c.Then in assessing these children in detail you get to "know" the levels so you can work out where the other children are in comparison to your 3 focus children.
  3. I completely agree with candyflossgirl. We have been implementing the writing APP and we have chosen 3 children in the class (a top, middle and bottom, but not SEN) and from there we have looked at a range of writing samples across the curriculum Basically to save on extra work load and marking, when we come to mark a piece of writing that we know we are going to use as an assessment piece, we have the APP sheet at the side and highlight the writing sheet as we read through the writing. We then date the highlighted criteria and where the evidence can be found i.e. lit book 28/4/09. This can then be used through out the year using different coloured highlighters for the different terms. We're going to be trying reading next. Has anyone done this yet? Is it really hard or does anyone have a any good techniques for trialling this?
  4. Maybe I have got this wrong- but I don't understand how you can have a true understanding of what level your children are working at and what they can do if you only choose three children. Is there something else in place for the other children whilst you trial APP? We use it for all our children and it isn't that time consuming- helps with planning.
  5. gazza35

    gazza35 New commenter

    Hi all , i have just been to the latest launch meeting for APP in science. Came out again feeling that it was another load of govt fertiliser. What do other people think, i can see the benefit but we are being told not to micro analyse the kids but its difficult with so many specific guidelines. e.g 5 foci, 4 threads, lots of other levels etc, Also told not to worry about recording but i bet this is going to happen in the future, told to think about that in 12 months time, its proving difficult to sell to the dept who are very supportive. Then theres the kids, when the old inspector comes in and asks them, what are they going to say if i cant explain it in a clear fashion.

    Any thoughts???
  6. Am I too late to get a copy of your simple leaflet? Much appreciated.
    Thanks again for sharing your resources

  7. Am I too late to get a copy of your simple leaflet? Much appreciated.
    Thanks again for sharing your resources
  8. Hello,
    I would really appreciate a copy of the leasflet fo APP if possible?
    Thank you in advance

  9. I'd be very interested in seeing it too!

  10. I totally agree with comments about teachers needing the balls to say no to yet another ill thoughtout paper trail. APP is yet another increase in workload that teachers don't believe in and will not be able to cope with so yet again will be made to feel like failures. Who dreamed it up - probably people who have not taught in Primary schools for years or ever? It is a total distraction from what I would love to be doing which is refreshing the way I teach certain things and making new resources. I just don't have time to consider what I'm doing in the classroom. Advisors come and talk to us but they are only interested in promoting their subject, they dont seem to appreciate that teachers are having to cope with Reading, Writing and Maths and that Speaking & Listening, Science & ICT are waiting in the wings! The only people who must be pleased about all this are highlighter manufacturers. I'd like to know what our unions have to say about all this. I contacted the NASUWT about a week ago but no reply yet. I agree - KEEP SATs - there is nothing wrong with proving what you have learned during Primary School by way of exams. Our Year 6 loved their SATs week.
  11. Please could i have a copy of the leaflet? we are beginning to look at APP and need to get my head around it! chloebateson@hotmail.com thankyou in advance
  12. Please may I have the leaflet too?
    I am returning from maternity leave in September and will be leading assessment throughout the school. When I had the initial APP 'talk' from the LA before starting maternity leave the message was to select 3-6 pupils who were respresentative of the ability groups in your class. I can't believe that this has now moved to EVERY child - ridiculous.
  13. The confusion is between applying the criteria to all pupils and in recording that in detail for the sample pupils
    There would be completed assessment guidelines linked to the evidence for the sample pupils. Then using your professional judgment you would use the same criteria (not Ros Wilson, not test results etc) to judge periodically (usually termly) the sub-level for the rest of the children
    If the assessmenst of the sample pupils is accurate then that would demonstrate your ability to make accurate judgements about all pupils

  14. Ah, I see. So you might use the sheet and the children's work once a term, look through and highlight statements for each child still, but not have to keep a record of exactly where you had found all of this evidence, because you would have 3 children where it was carefully cross referencd so that you could be moderated to make sure you were doing it right.
  15. No. Get rid of SATs! There's nothing SATs could tell me that TA can't. I know what every child in my class can do with TA. Fair enough, a test should confirm this, but currently SATs completely ignore TA, OfSted ignore TA, league tables ignore TA. Your whole school judged on one week, one set of results. Had an off day? The child is listed as a failure. Away? Sorry, you're a failure too. Level 5? Who cares? They're only interested in level 4s. (This all assumes that the papers will be marked accurately (LOL) and returned in time (maybe?..))
    I felt so guilty having to put my children through this travesty. I'm glad your children enjoyed SATs week. I tried to make the week as fun and as enjoyable as possible for mine, but the current system is a disgrace. I suppose schools in well-off areas can coast through, knowing their pupils will get enough level 4s to keep OfSted off their backs, but schools in challenging areas are faced with a yearly battle to keep away from the bottom of the table, knowing the damnation of these stupid SATs awaits.
  16. I've run a similar system this term. The children found it odd to begin with, but I involved them in the process, explained what I was doing and asked how well they thought they'd done. The incentive was suddenly there to find out "what do I have to do to complete that box (AF)?". I just looked at one or two AFs at a time and told the children what I'd be looking for that session, then assessed according to that.
    Our LA gave out child-friendly versions of the statements during training. Very useful - I prefer these to the "proper ones". Generally though, I trust my judgement. If a child reading at level 3 in my opinion, I just look for the evidence that this is true. If I can't find it, I reconsider and look at level 2 or 4.
  17. If you are still sending out the leaflet I would appreciate a copy.
    My email address is paterson rebecca @ hotmail.com ( no spaces)
    Thank you very much

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