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A number sorting activity

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by grangeeducation, May 28, 2014.

  1. 9

    This activity asks you to place numbers in order seeing them one at a time. http://www.mathshelper.net/post_numbers.html

    Different levels start with positive integers between 0 and 100, and include more difficult numbers like directed numbers and decimals.

    There is a level which has surds, one which includes transcendental numbers among trig function values and others, (quite good for a department meeting).

    The last level is entirely algebraic.

    Try not to use a calculator
  2. So impressed with this!!!
  3. What is the point? What is it teaching? Guesswork?

    Also, it doesn't work on my tablet or laptop.

    Or is it just another piece of gimmicky crud to prevent lazy teachers from teaching and lazy kids from dong some actual Maths?

    cyolba, so unimpressed with this. :)

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