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A nightmare Year 10 class!!

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Georgia99, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Georgia99

    Georgia99 New commenter

    Students arrive in dribs and drabs, several arrive late. I tell them all to be sat ready for the lesson and the 'good' kids are but the other 60% of the class are either chatting amongst themselves and ignoring me, looking in mirrors, brushing their hair or have emptied the contents of their bag on the table. I then repeatedly try and get order and am generally ignored until I really raise my voice (I have to literally shout) before they listen and all settle down. During which time I will get backchat from several students.
    As soon as I start talking at the beginning of the lesson, groups of students start chatting amongst themselves again. I see students sneakily using their phone under the table. By the time I get to them to try and confiscate their phone they have managed to put it away which means I have no way of proving they had it out and I can't confiscate it.
    It is a battle for me to talk as after even a minute they are off again chatting. I again can't regain silence until I shout loudly.
    Once they are set their activity, several will be off task and chatting or visiting irrelevant websites. When I try and confiscate mobile phones, I often get student refusal and then the TA has to go and get a senior teacher to come and get it. I have parked students with the head of dpt but have again even had students refusing to be parked and it is then a hassle, especially when I have no TA to get a senior teacher.
    The way some of the students talk to me is shocking, they are so rude.
    I have spoken to my mentor who is very supportive and is coming to observe the lesson on Monday to help me move forward and he recognises that I do have a particular tough group as the nature of my subject means that quite often the challenging kids pick it as an option.
    I just don't know what I can do to move forward. I know that I have been too lenient. For example giving them several warnings about mobiles rather than confiscating immediately and threatening seating plans but not implementing it. The difficulty is that when I tried a seating plan once before they just shouted across to each other as the room is so small and they seem to chat to whoever they are sat next to. I have spoken to parents and sent letters home but this has not worked. SLT have spoken to students and detentions have been issued too. I don't know what else I can do?
    (sorry it is across two posts, I started it on google chrome but had the paragraph issue)
  2. Hi Georgia
    Tbh I also have a very difficult year 10class. Whilst they dont get their mobile phones out they do chat when I am addressing the class, some are off task all lesson and I get rudeness and back chat. SO I sympathise.
    My suggestions (what I am trying to do) whole class report, keep students behind at end of the day (i.e. let the kids behaving not be sanctioned but the others) I do this, so if I have to keep 15 kids back I will, they will learn to sit in silence. Or you could put them in more formal school detentions, they may appear un bothered but if this is regular they will get sick of it. How about speaking to form tutors, do you have a strong form tutor system at your school. Ringing parents?
    Hope some of my suggestions help you.

  3. Seating plan. No shouting across the room allowed. If it happens, they stay behind or come back for some 'extra time' to make up for 'time missed by shouting'. I used to have 'shouters' or 'talkers' back for severla minutes at the end of the day to sit in silence, doing nothing, in front of me (while I marked). I explained that they needed to learn how to be quiet in the classroom.
    If they can't work constructively in the desk they are sitting in then either: move them (tricky if they don't want to - send them out) or make them work standing up. They hate this. Standing up means no leaning against the desk, no propping a foot on a chair etc. I generally let them sit down after a few minutes.
    No hair brushes / mobile phones etc. This is not a cloakroom or a cafe, it is a classroom. Immeditae confiscation of any of this stuff if it is visible to you (this includes photos, lipstick, food.....) Phones can go into a box at the start of a lesson & be collected at the end. The box of phones has to be visible throughout the lesson (some pupils get quite anxious if they can't see their phones.) If any 'phone rings during class, it is immediately confisscated & held till the end of the day ==> all phones have to be turned off.
    I appreciate this will be quite a differnt approach to the one you have established with them, but luckily you are an NQT so can try it out here & then pursue it with any new class. Maybe get your mentor to set up the seating plan and put them into their seats, so the pupils respect the plan. Also - don't try to be a friend to the pupils, the only thanks you will ever get is from those who actually LEARNED something from you & they won't recognise this until several years after you have been part off their life!
  4. rainbow_gold

    rainbow_gold New commenter

    Hiya, I also teach a bottom set of Y10s who were an absolute nightmare at the start of the year, but now have completely settled. I suspect the fact that I teach English may help (there are no computers or interesting things to fiddle with) but here are a few things I have tried which seem to have worked.
    1) Back to basics - I treated them like babies, you can't behave like GCSE students you don't get treated like one. Therefore I made them queue up boys and girls separately, boy girl seating plans with no leniency (if someone chooses to move, i ask politely once, then an order and then ask to leave the room until they can keep to my rules), stickers for completing basic classroom tasks such as writing the LO.
    2) Phones, makeup, food blah blah blah - I give one warning, and then request the item. If they refuse I bang an email off to their Head of Year in front of them, this usually persuades them to hand over the device.
    3) Attitude - I find girls worse for this personally, and find a simple 'watch the way your talking to me' works sometimes, if not they are taken outside and reminded that they would not talk to their granny or mum the way they talk to me so why on earth do they think it is ok to treat me this way. This usually gets a sheepish look and apology.
    4) Talking, shouting etc - I tally class minutes for when i feel they are all off task, if it is a lesson that is not before break or lunch i keep a record and add on time owing the next lesson i can keep them. I will keep worst offenders for detention immediately and let the better behaved kids go. Alternatively when i feel they have worked their socks off i usually reward them with a song off youtube as they are packing up in a friday lesson :)

    Mine are still difficult but they are a different class as to how they were at the start of the year, so hope this advice helps xxxx

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