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A New way,The Area of Trapezium

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by himeshbhai, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. himeshbhai

    himeshbhai New commenter

    A New way, The Area of Trapezium by Piyush Goel


    Lot of mathematicians have proved Pythagoras theorem in their own ways. If you google it you will indeed found hundred of ways.

    Meanwhile I was also sure that maybe one day I could find something new out of this incredible Pythagoras theorem and Recently I got something which I would like to share with you.

    To Prove: Deriving the equation of area of trapezium using Arcs

    Proof: There is a triangle ABC with sides a b and c as shown in the figure.


    Area of ∆ BCEG = Area of ∆ BDC +Area of ⌂ DCEF + Area of ∆ EFG

    c^2=ac/2+ Area of ⌂ DCEF + (c-b) c/2

    (2c^2– ac –c^2+ bc )/2=Area of ⌂ DCEF

    (c^2– ac+ bc )/2=Area of ⌂ DCEF

    c(c– a+ b)/2=Area of ⌂ DCEF

    Area of ⌂ DCEF=BC(DE+CF)/2


  2. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    copyright LOL
  3. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    It seems a complicated way to prove something which can be done much more simply.

    I'm sure you can't copyright a proof.
  4. himeshbhai

    himeshbhai New commenter

    Dear ...... there are many ways I think more than 100 ways to prove" Pythagorean _Theorem" either it is complicated or easy way but something new to Mathematics World,that,s mean a lot I think as well u too.
    Note; dear pl try to encourage one,s work do not try to down...........
  5. himeshbhai

    himeshbhai New commenter

  6. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    You know this is TES Community you are on?
  7. himeshbhai

    himeshbhai New commenter

    yes I know This is TES Community....
  8. Hi Himesh Bhai,
    I appreciate that you are trying to explore different methods. But its worth telling a public forum if you have made something simpler more simple. Complicating easy things does not add value to the community. Its your research work. Keep it to yourself till you feel that you have done something simple. Otherwise people will start ignoring your work and you might loose your fans.

    I fully agree with gainly. Even if you can do it in 100 different ways, we are suppose to choose the most simple way and not waste time in complicating simple things. Thats why once Einstien told that if you understand complicated things you should be able to explain it to your maid. But you are doing just the opposite.

    Hope I could encourage you.
  9. himeshbhai

    himeshbhai New commenter

    Hello Dear and Respected
    1.I appreciate your valuable comment to encourage my work, but the words which u used 'COMPLICATING" my aim is not that things are simple or complicate my thinking is How many ways we can prove or get the things ok (like more than 100 ways proving Pythagorean Theorem either it is simple or complicate).
    2. You mentioned an example of GREAT GREAT EVER Scientist(one of my Favorite)Albert Einstien it is gr8 for me........ yes I too believe in things should be Simple do not make Things Complicate ok ,at last my aim and my concentrate not on simple and complicate, my aim and concentrate is on 'how many ways the things which God has created and we are not aware of bring out them in Real WORLD.

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