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A new AS / A2 Design and Technology course set up

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by rockdog, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Good Evening Folks
    This the first time i've done this so bare with me..

    Does anybody have any tips or advice on the setting up of a brand new DT GCE course within an FE establishment
    Any suggestions of processes to go through
  2. Are you delivering a graphics based or RM based product design?
  3. Probably would have helped if i said that in the first place

    The main one would be graphics based but RM would have a similar format such as materials, processes and the actual creation of the folder

    Any idea folks

  4. We follow AQA Product Design 3D which feeds from mainly RM, Graphics and Electronics although I have taken from Food and Textiles before too. Year 12 is a Portfolio based route which covers three or four projects, Architecture, Clocks, Lighting, Jewellery. You could buy in some MP3 Stereo Amps from Kitroniks which can be pre soldered or come in kit form and kids could design the casing. Make sure you cover a range of processes in the workshop. The folio can use the best bots from the different projects, as long as they document the assessment criteria. Coursework is covered over 3 hours a week and Theory is taught through 2 hours a week. Graphics kids like it because they like making, and it totally supports GCSE Graphics kids and the minimal workshop skills and materials knoweledge they have at GCSE. In Year 13 they do their own project for 3 hours a week. I'm a lover of designer furniture and my other teacher likes making products that fulfil actual needs so we complement each other quite well. The textbook is quite good. Hope it helps.

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