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A message to all my playmates on entertainment......

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon4561, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Hello. Some of you know that my OH"s dad has been very ill over the last several months. I didn't expect him to last the weekend, but he has, but I'm expecting a very sad phone call over the next day or two. When this happens I will be disappearing suddenly and abruptly from my favourite entertainment threads, and flying south for his funeral, and I didn't want you all wondering where I'd gone to. So i thought I'd say goodbye now. You've all cheered me up and kept me company during this difficult time. (OH has been with his dad for most of the time during the last six months) I'll probably still do the occasional post in the meantime, as I can't settle to anything else much, and it helps to take my mind off the sadness of it all. My 'Australian Daddy' as i call him is a lovely sweet man, with a great sense of humour....usually directed at the Scots! He's 90 now and has had a long and happy life. I just hope he doesn't suffer for much longer now. Thanks for reading this....and I will be back at some point. Annie xx
  2. ((((Annie))))
    Thinking of you
    C x
  3. Thanks Cosmos (and I've thanked you elsewhere too for something else) OH phoned on Thursday and said that the doctors said that he only had a few days...... I phoned him tonight and now they're saying it could be another few. He has a strong spirit, my 'dad'. I feel bad still posting on entertainment and elsewhere, while this is happening, but I literally don't know what else to do. OH is down there, I'm here with the wee scabby one...so I'm just posting as normal, because otherwise I'd just be sitting around all weepy and tearful. My "Australian Daddy" was actually born in England, and we used to have great Scottish/English slanging matches.. .we got on really well. I've spent more time with him than I have with my own parents in Scotland over the last seven years. He will be missed x
  4. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Don't feel bad Annie, it provides you with a much needed focus and diversion when you are hanging around in limbo on your own. I'm sure posters on Entertainment will agree that you and the wee dug have provided us with a barrel of laughs and much frivolous fun. I for one am so glad you did use Tes for a little therapy, rather than slide into a morose slump . . . . . . I knew nothing of the cirumstances you were dealing with [​IMG]. Thinking of you at this most difficult of times xx and a big hug
  5. Thanks Kibosh.... this is why I seem to be always here and am always a sure bet on 'guess the next poster....." I've been here on my own for most of the last several months, on and off. TES is the only thing that has kept me sane. I've really enjoyed my interactions with you, and I like that you understand and like the wee scabby dug. (and I appreciated you sticking up for me on the other thread) I'm going to have to put the wee scabby one into kennels when I'm gone....and I'm dreading that..... Hugs back xx
  6. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Nae wunner! [​IMG] Have you any idea how long for?
  7. I'll be taking unpaid leave and have told my lovely and understanding boss that i'll be gone a wee, or less. Wee scabby one usually stays with our friend when we're away, but friend can't take him this time, and given his previous abuse and tendency to nip at people's heels now that he's feeling secure and a bit braver..... (he's part blue-heeler....Aussie shepherding dogs) there's not a lot of options with other friends. He's a spoiled 'inside' dog ( a lot of Aussies have their dogs sleeping outside) , and given that he was just totally abandoned by his previous owner, he's not going to understand me abandoning him and leaving him to sleep outside with the other doggies in the kennels..... he is going to be so totally miserable........
  8. Hi Annie,
    Just wanted to send you a cyber hug at this difficult time.
    I've really enjoyed reading about you and your animal exploits - I hope that, when the time feels right, you'll be comfortable posting again.
    Thinking of you,
  9. Thanks, Gar. You have been so lovely to me over the last few months..... when I get up in the morning and see your several "Morning Annie's....it has made me feel a lot less alone in the world. As I said, I'll probably still do the odd few posts to keep myself occupied till it happens, but probably won't be wittering so much on millions for a while. you've probably noticed I'm not 'singing' so much these days......(and I still expect Dande to call me a slacker for it!) I didn't actually mean this to be a 'sympathy' thread, just an explanation of why I'll be absent for a while, but I AM getting a lot of comfort from your responses. Thanks, Cosmos, Kibosh, and Gar ........Ax
  10. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    I'm probably not the best person to offer you words of comfort about the kennels, as Mr Kibosh decided, and I agreed, that we would hopefully never have to put our cats in the cattery again. Don't get me wrong, the cattery owners are lovely people, kind and caring . . . . .but the cats hate it. After 10 days in there fairly recently, one of our cats came out a wee skinny thing, not sure if he ate anything at all. It's heart wrenching putting them in there too, it does feel like you are abandoning them. I have a complete meltdown. Pathetic, but I can't help it. What we did to make the cats more secure was to include their favourite furry blankets, cat-beds and little toys. The familiar smell can help settle them. Just try and remember it's not for ever, you are not adandoning the wee scabby one, it's a short change of scenery for him and then before you both know it, re-united again [​IMG]. Easier said than done, I know. Oh and another thing . . .. . I asked the cattery if they minded that I phone in for updates every few days. They were absolutely fine about this and it reassured me on some level.

  11. Aye right, drean oan scabby, but you can hae a piccie o me while yoor en prison.

    See, bet you feel better the now.
    Cat x
  12. This is fit ah reely look like

    Classy burd no?

  13. Thanks again, Kibosh.... you're right...he will probably be unhappy for the 5-6 days that I'll be away, but I WILL be back to get him. Great Idea about taking his favourite toys with him though.... he's probably fairly adaptable given that his first owner abandoned him (asked me to look after for him for two weeks, and that was pretty much the last we saw of her), we were about to go overseas for a couple of months so our friend looked after him for that time..... and we've had to go away at other times too... so he will not like it much...but me, OH, and wee scabby one will just have to get through this x
  14. You do know that the wee dug will have this for breakfast? And he's waiting for you on the fight thread?! (and thanks for cheering me up!)
  15. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    I once had a cat who looked just like his. He was called McScrootch! [​IMG]
  16. It is well known that only people with impeccable taste have tabbies kibosh.
    We obviously have much in common!
  17. My special friend, you know where I am. x
  18. Thanks, Chilli.....big hugs. Just find it easier to post on here than to actually talk (with my voice if you know what I mean) to people just now xxxxxxxx
  19. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    I feel like that sometimes and I know exactly what you mean.
  20. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Eek! Just realised that sounded 'off'. Sorry Chillie, I butted in, me and my big mouth!! [​IMG]

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