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A message for the NASUWT. FAO Chris Keates.

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Ostpreussen, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Not sure whether anyone from the NASUWT looks in, but if you do then please read this thread and take note!
    I pay my union subs and perhaps someone could tell Chris Keates that she needs to get real and get outa Cloud-Cuckoo-Land and get clued up in what the reality of life is like for most supply teachers. There are supply teachers on this forum working p/t at Asda to keep their necks above water as there is not enough work.There are multiple threads about how bleak the job sit. is and how desperate folks are, but equally if she were to read these threads, she would see how dedicated and passionate most supply teachers are about their job and teaching!
    Agencies are paying fully qualified teachers as little as £75 a day!!!! LEAs are closing their doors and the agencies rule..
    The professional and personal self-esteem of professional teachers has been eroded over the last few years and is now at an all time low.
    Cover supervisors and TAs are the rule of the day!
    We SHOULD be included in any strike action and to ask for a day's pay donation off folk struggling to carve a living is the absolute cheek! It is abolute audacity to expect struggling teachers to fork out a day's salary when many of us are on £67.50p per week or even less! Many of us are on the dole and struggling big-time.
    We support the unions through subscriptions, but where is their support?

  2. That's why I cancelled my Union membership. I am not paying £10 a month so it can be used for their pensions when I can not afford to contribute to mine. Head of NUT gets over £26 K a year towards her pension(most of it comes from members' monthly payments!!) on the top of £125k salary. Outrageous.
  3. Pity the TES journos do not read the supply forum. A letter from a union to supply teachers asking them to donate a days pay would have made a great story.
    Beyond the pale of adding insult to constant injury!
  4. I was so offended by that letter! I am considering emailing and asking which day's salary would they like - my £85 per day supply salary, my £50 per day cover supervisor salary, or my £26 per day m&s salary. Certainly I won't be able to give my day's salary for working this Wednesday as the agencies are not legally allowed to offer us work on a strike day. You would think that the unions should have a responsibility to liaise with agencies as well as public bodies since supply teachers do not get concessions from union fees, and had they liaised they would know that we will not be profiting on Wednesday and not sent such an offensive letter. It also comes less than two weeks after the letter I received concerning membership fees. They will not be getting money from me now.
  5. For those who have not already done so look at the Rarely Cover forum - specifically No 3 dated 23-07-09 and entitled Supply teaching and rarely cover - the supply teachers view. Has she lived up to her claims?
  6. I couldn't agree more. I just logged on to see if anyone else was COMPLETELY offended by the letter they sent out, highlights of which include:
    'you are not eligible to strike'
    'If you wish to support the NASUWT's action by other means, you may wish to consider donating a days salary to the Union's strike fund'.
    Do they really expect financial support from members who they continually marginalise?
    I am cancelling my membership. The tone of the whole letter was disrespectful.
  7. modgepodge

    modgepodge Established commenter

    What is this "not eligible to strike" all about. Surely one of the few joys of being on supply is the ability to strike any day you choose!! I have told my agencies I won't work today because I won't cover a striking teacher. Thankfully I'm not a member of NASWUT so didn't receive any such letter....wouldn't be impressed if I had.
  8. I went to a local demo in Chelmsford today - not just to support the strike but also to try to bring home to the permanent staff what the situation is for supply teachers. I made up a number of card with details of the epetition on it. I was not really surprised at how many teachers did not know of the existence of this petition.
    I also tried to stir things up a little by referring to the comments by so many that teachers are depriving children of their educational rights by not teaching. So how many realize that the majority of children in primary schools are without a qualified teacher for a minimum of the equivalent of 3.8 weeks.
    I also spoke to an NASUWT member - I think he was a regional official. I got the impression that he recognised that schools were ignoring regulations but was not prepared to do anything about it. But when I mentioned that some members had received a letter asking for donations to a strike fund he denied it. He said that they had no such thing as a strike fund and that no such letter had been sent out.

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