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A long,wet day!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Goldopals, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Goldopals

    Goldopals New commenter

    I have had yet another 'interesting' day. We have 40 year 10s, and in theory they are divided into a lower and an upper stream. Somehow we managed to get 30 in one class and 10 in the other.
    I planned a lovely lesson on static electricity for my year 10s, which involved charging rods by rubbing with material and a Van de Graaf generator (using as a teacher for the first time). Out of 10 students, there were 4 students present, with one extra using the computer during a study (5 altogether). The students present were, umm, the worst in the class.
    As soon as I started demonstrating the 'rubbing procedure' the boys put their heads on the table and started laughing hysterically. I looked around in confusion, until one of the boys gasped "Miss, do we need to w*** the rod?" They were laughing and making rather inappropriate jokes during the whole experiment (which did not work).
    My second problem was that one of my lovely students decided to touch the dome of the Van de Graaf generator with wet hands ...
    At our school, there is a strict behaviour management process which states that students are given a final warning, in class timeout, out of class time out and are then sent out of the room. After the failed experiment, behaviour was so bad that had I followed the process to the letter, I would have lost every single student. I ended up sending two out and giving the remaining two very close attention.
    It was raining cats and dogs all day and I had ridden my bike to school!

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